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We aim to provide parents with open and transparent communication on all aspects of their children’s education. The resources listed below are all accessed via the homepage of this website.

School Calendar

The school calendar on this website lists the dates and times of all upcoming school events. The calendar appears on the top right-hand side of the website’s home page.

To access the month-by-month calendar, select ‘view the full calendar’. Click on an individual event to read the text in a larger font size. Where necessary, a detailed description of the event will also be included.

The calendar provides a comprehensive list of all school events and will be kept up to date by the school office. It should be a parent’s first port of call when seeking information about an event. We expect parents to check the calendar regularly.

Please contact Gina (in the school office) if you are organising an event at the school and wish to enter a listing on the calendar. Event listings require an event name, date, time and important details.

Weekly Bulletin

Each week a Weekly Bulletin is sent out to all families on the Sunday evening  giving the headlines as to what is happening in the school in the coming week and reminding our community of significant upcoming events across the term. For the details of these events our families are reminded to check the school calendar.

Monthly Reflection Newsletter

Our online Monthly Reflection Newsletter looks back at events throughout the school community. Parents will receive an email alert when the latest reflection is ready to read (also available in printed form upon request).

New parents can subscribe to the monthly reflection to ensure they are on the mailing list.

Secure Classroom Blog

Our online blog provides a secure forum where teachers can share their classroom learning experiences with the school community. The blog features an update of classroom activities, photographs and student reflections. It includes a space for moderated parent commentary.

Access the blog with your password from the home page of this website.

Notes and Letters to Families

Notes and letters to families are sent home from time to time as events and excursions arise. These notes are placed in plastic pockets in which the children will bring their reading and homework home, please keep an eye out for these as many will require a response by a set date. These notes are also uploaded to the notes page of the classroom blog in case parents have missed anything.