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Led by a trained and experienced teacher, the Bluearth program focuses on improving children's social, psychological and physical health and wellbeing through movement and physical activity. St John's recognises the lasting benefits for students of offering weekly Bluearth classes in addition to the curriculum-based PE program.

Inspired by their simple philosophy of moving more every day, the Freake Family Trust founded Bluearth in 2000. Bringing together experts in the fields of human movement, education, psychology, elite sport and health, they set out to provide a school strategy to promote and educate every Australian about the joy of movement. Malcolm Freake realised that the greatest long-term benefit to any individual’s health and wellbeing will be achieved by influencing critical habits, attitudes and behaviours at an early age.

Based on a process of exploration, discovery and reflection, Bluearth programs bring a whole-of-school focus to health and wellbeing. The hour-long classes are very engaging and are much enjoyed by the children.

Visit the Bluearth website for more information on their Active Schools program.