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Better Buddies is a whole-school initiative designed to teach and reinforce positive behaviours and values.

Designed originally to reduce bullying in schools, Better Buddies is a very successful wellbeing program offered at St John’s. The program brings older and younger children together as ‘buddies’ to learn values such as caring for others, friendliness, respect, empathy, responsibility, including others and accepting difference. Better Buddies encourages interactions in formal and informal settings through activities such as buddy reading, buddy art/craft, buddy sports activities and the Friendship Chair.

Buddy relationships enable younger students to feel safe and cared for, while providing an ongoing opportunity for older students to feel valued and respected. The program also works on a whole-school level to promote a safe and supportive school community in which bullying cannot thrive. The Better Buddies Program is supported by the Alannah and Madeleine Foundation.

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