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Circle Time is a carefully planned time for class sharing used by our teachers to build a caring and inclusive class culture and to help children develop a range of valuable life skills.

‘Circle time’ is a term used to describe a time when the whole class meets together, sitting in a circle, either on the floor or on chairs. It provides a safe and democratic space where children can feel emotionally and socially visible to everyone in their class, learn to listen supportively, feel empathy and acquire a language for sharing feelings and ideas.

Circle time is not a new idea, but schools are increasingly adopting the routine in their classrooms as they see how valuable it can be in teaching personal and social skills. St John’s encourages teachers to adopt circle time as an effective strategy to foster an inclusive, caring and supportive school community.

Circle Time is particularly useful for the following:

  • developing trust
  • helping a class to ‘gel’
  • working on problems such as bullying
  • developing children’s awareness of their responsibilities towards others and towards themselves
  • exploring new ideas
  • developing moral values
  • helping children to feel they ‘belong’
  • making children feel special
  • having fun