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St John’s understands that family involvement and positive relationships between the school and families are essential to the success of our school. We believe that, in partnership with parents and the wider community, we can create a positive and enriching environment for our children that will foster a lifelong love of learning.

Children learn from both parents and teachers, but it is parents who have the long-term responsibility for their child’s welfare and who are the primary educators. Children benefit if parents and teachers are able to work in partnership and if they see their parents involved in their learning and in the life of the school.

The school is also part of the parish, local and wider community. Developing strong relationships beyond our own boundaries allows the children to gain from a broad range of opportunities and begin making their own contributions as members of the community.

We would like to acknowledge the invaluable contribution of the P&F to our school community. Through their many ongoing fundraising efforts, the school has been able to carry out expensive maintenance and buy new equipment and resources. P&F events also provide a great opportunity for families to get together and socialise.

For a more detailed look at the school’s commitment to parent involvement, see the Parent Partnership Policy.