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What Do Classroom Helpers Do?

There are many ways in which classroom helpers can be useful to the busy classroom teacher. They can:

  • work with small groups of students during Literacy and Math’s sessions
  • work with individual children listening to them read books, read frequently used words or count
  • help students change their ‘home reading’ books and write new spelling words
  • help students with their writing
  • prepare literacy and math’s activities
  • help with laminating, cutting, tracing and collating
  • assist children with computers
  • assist children with gardening
  • assist with excursions and incursions.

Parents who can’t make it to the classroom during school hours can still help by preparing literacy and maths activities from home or by supporting the Parents and Friends committee.

How Can I Best Support the Students and Teachers?

The best way you can support the class is by:

  • always being positive
  • committing to a time
  • helping students do things for themselves
  • focussing on all students in the classroom
  • being ready to laugh
  • enjoying your time with us!

How Can I Ensure Confidentiality?

‘The most important gift is trust’. The privacy of both children and parents must be respected at all times. Keep academic and social progress confidential, including any child’s progress, lack of progress, social difficulties, special needs and behavioural difficulties.