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Learning is understanding our own and other people’s capabilities and reaching our full potential. Learners question, wonder, play and are open to new experiences.

As with all other schools in Australia, St John’s is in the process of modifying its teaching and learning program to comply with the new Victorian Curriculum. Curriculum standards outline required learning for all students in Australia from Prep to Year 10, describing in detail what students are expected to know and be able to do at each year level. The school uses these standards for program planning and as a benchmark for assessing and reporting on student progress.

The Victorian Curriculum structure encourages teachers to use the curriculum to appropriately target the learning level of every student. The design of the curriculum as a continuum of learning is intended to encourage schools and teachers to use the full continuum to more effectively monitor and provide feedback to students on their learning.

All primary students are required to learn English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Language and the Arts. Within these subjects, however, students also learn the physical, personal and social skills they need in life. We aim to give our students the life skills they need to manage themselves as individuals and in relation to others, to understand the world in which they live and act effectively in it.

Our Australian curriculum also embraces the study of interdisciplinary skills, in which students practise a range of technologies, including ICT, in planning, analysing, evaluating and presenting work.

Everything that happens at our school is underpinned by the St John’s School Vision.