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Incursions and excursions are designed to enhance and supplement the learning that occurs in our classrooms. They provide an opportunity for formal learning to intersect with enriching new experiences in the real world.


Incursions allow visiting performers and professionals to come into the school and either present to or work with children in an area that enhances their learning and supplements the activities presented by teachers.

In the past we have had performers as part of our literacy and language initiatives, presenters such as the CSIRO who enhance our science program, and members of the community such as police, fire brigades and vet clinics.

Members of our parent community with particular expertise and talents are always welcome to share with our children, bringing applied, real-world understandings into the classroom.


Excursions allow our children to visit places and people and have learning opportunities that may be directly connected to the curriculum or may be culturally and socially important.

Our excursions are sometimes focussed on the local neighbourhood – as simple as a visit to the local parks and gardens – and sometimes take advantage of the many attractions and organisations that Melbourne has to offer such as the zoo, museums and galleries, and community organisations.

Children in senior grades have the opportunity to participate in interschool sporting opportunities and the Year 5/6 Camp Program, a much-anticipated highlight of the school year.