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At St John’s we use a personalised approach to learning in order to enhance the learning experience of each of our students. We want students to be fully engaged with learning and the life of the school.

Personalised Learning

Students at St John’s are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour. They show independence in and have control over their learning. Teachers encourage this by sharing the learning outcomes of lessons with students and allowing them to co-construct success criteria.

Teachers use assessment results to target teaching sessions so that students’ needs are met at all times. Our teachers plan together in groups, as well as during whole-school planning sessions. Whilst we teach according to the AusVELS curriculum, we want our students to feel ownership over what they learn. It is important that they see a purpose and meaning in their learning.

Students are active members in the school community. They are encouraged to join the school choir, chess club, Student Representative Council, dance club and Green Team. In Year 6, students have the opportunity to join the student leadership team. Members sit on many committees, including the Art Show, School Performance, School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program and Resource Smart Schools.

Learning Dispositions

Throughout their schooling students develop many learning dispositions. At St John’s we have identified the six learning dispositions that we value most highly as a school. The dispositions are taught explicitly, as well as integrated throughout our rich curriculum. We want to send students out into the wider world with a confidence in and understanding of the following dispositions:

1. Reflecting

The ability to think, ponder and critically analyse experiences or actions with the purpose of deepening learning. Students are encouraged to explore how and why things happen, what works and doesn’t work and what alternatives exist.

2. Questioning

The ability to develop and inspire curiosity. Students are encouraged to be inquiring, inquisitive and alert.

3. Resilience

The ability to take on, process and deal with challenges that life may throw at you. Students are encouraged to be realistic and optimistic about outcomes.

4. Coachable

Being open to mentoring and engaging in dialogue with peers, educators and the community. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of perspectives.

5. Imaginative

Being creative and innovative, developing resourcefulness and a willingness to take risks. Students are encouraged to have fun with learning and all its possibilities.

6. Self-Managing

Knowing how you learn best, both as an individual and collectively. Students learn how to identify and prioritise milestones and manage time, emotions and actions effectively.