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Computers and digital technologies are essential to the development of 21st Century learners. St John's recognises the importance of teaching our students crucial multidimensional Information and Computer Technology (ICT) skills, including the ability to navigate and critically evaluate new modes of communication, the media and vast amounts of unfiltered information.

A variety of skills and knowledge, including targeted internet searches, cyber safety, presentation software, and the storage and retrieval of digital files, are covered in general classroom settings. The ICT program is integrated across all areas of the curriculum and taught by generalist classroom teachers supported with advice from the school’s Google Apps For Education (GAFE) Coordinator and external technical assistance.

Each child has a personal internet account from Year 1, with access to internal email from Year 3 and external email from Grades 4 to 6. Our school blog provides access for parents and students to review, explore and comment on posted school activities.

The school has a detailed ICT Policy, including a User Agreement that is renewed annually for each child.

Cybersafety Presentations

Each year ACMA ( Australian Communications and Media Authority) is invited to talk to parents and teachers at the school about cybersafety, discussing safe use of the internet and other digital devices/services. Teachers reinforce cybersafety in the classroom and families are encouraged to explore and reinforce these practices at home. For more information, visit: