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Annual School Fees – $2480 per family (not per child)

Fees are billed in Term 1. Payment can be made in full at the commencement of the year or by installments arranged through the school office.

In addition to the school fees, you are required to pay the following levies:

Maintenance Contribution Levy – $200 per family

The annual Maintenance Contribution Levy assists with the cost of providing and maintaining the facilities at St John’s.

Book & Tuition Levy – $375 per child

The annual Book and Tuition Levy covers all books, stationery and resources needed by your child for the year. This levy is due by the end of February.

Maths Levy – $20 per child per year

This levy covers the cost of each child’s access to an online learning and assessment platform which is used across the school.

Excursion/Incursion Levy

Prep     $131 (includes swimming)
Year 1  $131 (includes swimming)
Year 2  $131 (includes swimming)
Year 3  $131 (includes swimming)
Year 4  $131 (includes swimming)
Year 5  $136 (includes Interschool Sports)
Year 6  $136 (includes Interschool Sports)

The annual Excursion/Incursion levy is charged per child to cover the cost of all excursions or incursions. When your child attends an excursion/incursion, you will only be asked to complete a permission form and no further payments will be necessary.

Sacramental & Camp Levies

Years 5 and 6  Sacramental Levy $40
Years 5 and 6  2019 Camp Levy  $580