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Do Preps attend school every day in Term 1? »

Week 1 (29–31 January 2020)

Prep students will attend half days of school during Week 1. School for Prep students will begin at 9am and finish at 1pm. They need to bring their play lunch but no lunch on these days.

Weeks 2 to 5 (3–28 February 2020)

During February, Prep students will attend school four out of the five days on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, starting at 9.00am and finishing at 3.30pm. They will need to bring both their play lunch and lunch on these days.

There is no school for Prep students on Wednesday.

Week 6 Onwards

From Monday 2 March, Preps will be at school full time from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 3.30pm.

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What does my child need to bring to school on the first day? »

The school provides all workbooks and pencils for students. It is not necessary for students to bring pencil cases or other stationery to school. You will need to pack your child’s lunchbox, drink bottle, hat and sunscreen.

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Where do I drop off my child on the first day? »

Children who arrive at school before 8.45am are asked to wait in the garden/wooden seating area outside the front gates (on the west side of the main building), which are unlocked at 8.45am. The gate on Wellington St is also unlocked at 8.45am. Please note that parents are responsible for supervising their children before 8.45am.

On the first day parents can bring their child into their classroom where the teacher will be waiting to greet everyone and help you to settle and organise your child. We usually then gather outside to welcome everyone before heading into class. A cuppa (and tissues if necessary) are then provided for parents).

Children who are collected after school by parents/guardians in cars will be kept with a teacher at the school gate until the parent is legally parked. Only then will children be allowed to walk to the car.

We are very vigilant about the safety of our students at pick-up time. Please always observe the parking signs for the added safety of all children. Parking is available on Wellington St and on Queens Parade for a limit of five minutes during drop off and pick up times.

A teacher will be on duty after school until 3.45pm. Any child not collected by this time will be taken to the after school care program.

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What if my child gets upset when I leave? »

During the first few weeks of school there will be additional staff in the Prep classroom to support your child’s transition to school. The extra classroom support allows us to tend to the needs of the children who may experience separation anxiety.

During the first weeks of school you are welcome to stay for the first 10 minutes of class. Beyond these first few weeks we encourage parents/guardians to drop their children off on the morning bell at 8.55am. We will begin our teaching day at 9am.

While children may occasionally become upset when you are leaving, once they begin their day’s routine they are quickly distracted and embrace what is on offer for the day, hopefully having lots of stories to share with you at the end of the day.

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What are the school's uniform requirements? »

All children are expected to wear the school uniform. Parents and guardians are asked to label each item of clothing clearly.

Download St Johns School Uniform Guidelines.

Students will be required to wear their sports uniform two days a week for PE and Bluearth sessions. Parents will be informed about sports uniform days in the first week of Term 1.

New Uniforms
New school uniforms and bags can be purchased from Academy Uniforms, 238 Wolseley Place, Thomastown (ph 9460 8011), where staff are happy to assist in fitting your child. Alternatively, download the Academy Uniform Order Form or pick up a copy at the school office. Once you place your order, your items will be delivered to the school, marked for your attention.

Second-hand Uniforms
St John’s P&F run a second-hand uniform shop once a month. Check the Calendar for opening times.

School Hats
Hats can be purchased at the school office for $7. Refer to St John’s Sunsmart Policy for more information.

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What should I pack for my child's lunch? »

We encourage children at St John’s to bring healthy food to school and to drink only water at recess and lunchtime.

We ask families to avoid bringing items with nuts, as many children have allergies. Lunches without wrappers and packaging are preferred throughout the school and each week an award is given to the class generating the least lunch rubbish for the week.

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Is there a canteen/tuck shop at the school? »

There is no canteen at the school. However, throughout the year the P&F run a number of lunch order days where your child can choose from a range of food options.

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Can students bring toys to school? »

We ask children not to bring toys from home to school. We have special days throughout the year when they may be able to do so.

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When will new students be allocated to their house team? »

Each student will be allocated to a house sports team during Term 1. Parents/guardians will be required to purchase a sports polo shirt in the team colour, to be worn for certain house events and during PE lessons.

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How will my child’s teacher communicate general notices and announcements with me? »

Each student has a Reader Pocket into which the teacher places any notices or announcements in addition to the student’s nightly reader. Please be sure to check your Reader Pocket every day.

In addition, we ask that parents regularly check the school calendar on this website, which lists the date, time and details of all upcoming events.

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Will I be given a copy of the weekly timetable? »

The weekly timetable will be provided to all parents/guardians within the first few weeks of Term 1.

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Will Prep students be required to complete homework? »

Prep students will be provided with a daily reader and a number of other exercises throughout the year. Additionally, all Prep students are expected to learn the Golden Words. Copies of these words will be placed in your child’s Reader Pocket so that they can be practised at home.

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How are seating arrangements in the classroom organised? »

All students are allocated a specific place on the class mat and at a table within the classroom. Each term the children are rotated to different tables to encourage them to socialise with other class members.


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How can I contact my child's teacher? »

Parents/guardians are welcome to call, email or make an appointment with their child’s teacher. You can contact any staff member via the Contact page on this website.

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Does the school produce a newsletter? »

A Weekly Bulletin highlighting all events for the coming week and key events for the term and year, is emailed to parents/guardians each Sunday afternoon.

A Monthly Reflection Newsletter looking back at events throughout the school community, is available on the website and parents/guardians are notified via email when the latest issue is published.

New parents/guardians need to subscribe once via the website in order to receive both the Weekly Bulletin and notification of the Monthly Reflection Newsletter (at ‘Calendar & News’, click on ‘go to News’).

The website Calendar lists details for all events.

For those parents/guardians that do not have email or cannot access the Newsletter, please inform the school office for an alternative arrangement.

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Is the playground supervised before and after school? »

The playground is supervised before school from 8.45am until the morning bell, and after school until 3.45pm.

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What Out of School Hours Care options are available? »

Camp Australia runs an Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) program on site at St John’s. Further details of St John’s program can be found under Camp Australia Care Program on this website.

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How can I get involved at St John's? »

There are many opportunities for parents/guardians to get involved with the school, such as becoming classroom helpers, assisting with class excursions (eg swimming), joining and supporting the P&F, helping out at working bees and supporting the parish.

Please speak to your child’s teacher if you would like to be involved as a classroom helper. The P&F welcome new faces and ideas.

For more information visit the How to Get Involved section on this site.

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