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Newsletter - April 2018

1. From The Principal

Dear Families,

Welcome to Term 2. We are already off to a racing start with many events scheduled for this term. Please ensure that you keep an eye on the Weekly Bulletins as they come out on Sunday evening and regularly check the calendar to ensure that you don’t miss anything. Some events coming up to be aware of include: Family Life Parent Information Night, Mothers’ Day Breakfast, NAPLAN, second Parent Forum, two closure days, and Parent Teacher/3 Way Conferences.

Parent Forum

We held our first Parent Forum on Thursday 19th April and I thank those who were able to attend or who expressed their interest and apologies. At this meeting I shared some information about our school including a new draft Vision Statement (see below) and then Joe Scerri, Regional Principal Consultant from Catholic Education Melbourne, led a consultation on the topic of communication to elicit what parents felt was currently working well, and what could be done differently or added to enhance this element of the relationship between school and home. The collated results of this discussion will be delivered to parents at our next gathering.

Draft Vision Statement

At St John’s School
we are all
members of a learning and faith community, who celebrate our Catholic Identity.
We commit to, achieving the highest standards, honouring the sacred dignity of each person and embracing diversity.
We believe that
everyone can
experience success
and the fullness of life.

The statement above was developed by staff after reflecting on the charism of the Sisters of Charity (our founding principals), the Salesians of Don Bosco (our current parish administrators and educators in their own right), and the document Horizons of Hope (an education framework from Catholic Education Melbourne).

The intent of the statement is to be a guide to ensure that everything we do at St John’s has a consistent purpose and to give us an ideal to aim towards. The next step will be to draw up a Mission Statement that expands on some of the ways we can enact this vision within the school in the years to come but, before this happens, we would be interested in comments parents might wish to make, particularly as to whether the statement is broad enough to provide inspiration and challenge for a number of years and whether it is concise enough for all members of our community to know and repeat. Comments can be sent to either or

Cross Country

In the first week of term we had 15 of our Grade 4-6 students representing the school in the Carlton District Cross Country Trials. Congratulations to Ari, Alex, Dreamz, Dylan, Henry, Joseph, Baden, Ned, Jayda, Kayla, Amelia, Elise, Jack, Zion, and Emily for their participation and special congratulations to Ari and Ned who are both through to the next stage, the Division Cross Country, on Tuesday 12th June.

Creative Music

Last week Alan and Andrew from Creative music came to the school to present half hour workshops. The aim of the exercise was to let our children know that they are able to learn either keyboard or guitar after school with their parents’ permission. Forms for these lessons were sent home last week and are due back at school by the end of the week if anyone is interested in this opportunity.

Mini Vinnies

This year we have a large number of children who have committed to being part of the Mini Vinnies group here at school. Set up by the St Vincent de Paul Society, Mini Vinnies is an opportunity for children to contribute to the lives of others through building awareness of others’ needs, facilitating collections to meet some of these needs, and being of service to others. The Mini Vinnies team, led by our Social Justice Captain, Emily, were commissioned by Fr Peter at the end of the Grandparents and Special Persons’ Mass yesterday and began their work by helping out at the morning tea to ensure that our guests had plenty to eat and drink.

Grandparents and Special Persons’ Day

Yesterday saw us hosting a good number of grandparents and others who are special in the lives of our children for our annual Grandparents and Special Persons’ Day. We began the day with a full church at Mass celebrated by Fr Peter and then moved into our House groups for some mathematics activities followed by Morning Tea. Thank you to the teachers who supervised the groups and organised activities and to the families who assisted by providing plenty of good food to finish the day. I know from the excited faces as I walked around that our children thoroughly enjoyed having our visitors with us and. having spoken to a number of the visitors, the opportunity to come together was also greatly appreciated from their point of view too. We look forward to welcoming you all back next year or to other school events throughout the rest of the year.


We have a busy term ahead of us, one that we are all looking forward to. Until next time, respectfully, Daniel 🙂 



3. Some Grade 3s recount their First Reconciliation

What I liked about Reconciliation by Tutu

I liked how our drawings were on the wall and there were lots of people. I loved the songs and I saw some of my friends. It was very peaceful, some of the teachers were there and all of the mums and dads were there too.

I also liked when our mums and dads walked us to the priest to introduce us to Father Peter to talk to him about things we did wrong. We started to pray and then he said that I should buy my little brother William a gift.

My Reconciliation by Greta

On Wednesday 21st March we had our First Reconciliation. We read the story of Zacchaeus. I welcomed everyone after we walked up with our parents and introduced Father to our parents. Then our parents sat down and then we talked to Father and there was music playing in the background. Then after we talked to Father we lit a candle that was shaped in a heart.

I enjoyed my First Reconciliation and I hope everyone enjoyed Reconciliation. We had our Reconciliation book there so we can finish off what we had not finished. My parents learnt about Zacchaeus. The grade threes also got to learn about Zacchaeus and we learnt about what we were going to do when we made our First Reconciliation.

My Reconciliation! by Mia

On Wednesday the 21st of March it was my First Reconciliation. At school we practised thinking about our sins (not good choices). I practised what to do at Reconciliation with Angel. I also got to read a part in Church.

Around 6pm we had our First Reconciliation.

Firstly, we had to read our parts. Then our mum or dad had to bring us up to confess our sins. After that we had to light a heart-shaped candle.

My little sister had a balloon, she let it go and it floated up to the roof.

It was a very fun day!

My Reconciliation by Giulia

On Wednesday the 21st of March, I had my First Reconciliation. It was with the school but AFTER school. I had to confess all of my sins. I learnt that God always forgives you NO MATTER WHAT you do. It was very fun and I really liked talking with Father Peter. At the end of the night, we got a certificate.

(And during the evening my friend’s little sister let a balloon go on the ceiling!)

My Reconciliation by Katherine

On Wednesday last term I did my First Reconciliation and I went to Father Peter to tell him about the not so good things I had done. Then I had to say a prayer, I said the Hail Mary once. After that I had to go and light up a candle with Miss Melanie. Before that I did a reading and so did Mia, Tom, Kawac and Luke. It was a very good night.

My Reconciliation by Tom

On Wednesday last term we did our First Reconciliation. What we did was listen to Father read a bit of the Bible. Then Mia, Katherine, Kawac, Luke and I read a reflection. After that I said a few prayers, my favourite was the Our Father. Then we had to go up to a priest to confess our sins. Then we lit a candle. It was very fun.

4. Prep/1/2 Reflections on Grandparents and Special Persons' Day

On special persons day my mum came as a special person. Sofia N.

Today was special persons day and I played snakes and ladders. I had fun. Sunnie

Today was Grandparents and Special Person Day. First we went to Mass and then we got into our house groups. I was in Bosco, that is yellow house team. I had fun. Charlotte

Today was a special day. It was Grandparents and Special Person Day. First we celebrated together at Mass. Next we divided into groups and it was fun. I loved it! Sofia G.

Today we went to Mass and we learnt about Jesus. Then we played games. I had a good day. Darcy

Today was Special Person Day and it was a great day. Alexis

Today it was Grandparents Day and Special Person Day. We played games. It was fun. Ayak

Today was Grandparents day. we played games. It was fun. Lawrence

Today it was a fun day, it was Grandparents Day and it was special and fun. Leek and Ash and I were playing and Ash knocked down Leek’s tower. Nhial

Today we had Grandparents Day and I went with Mrs Nolan. I had fun with Jessica. Amna

Today was Grandparents day. We played maths games. I had fun. Yorisun

Today was a special day. Today was Grandparents and Special Persons Day! First we went to Mass and celebrated. Next we divided into sports groups. Nonno and Iplayed snakes and ladders and other maths games. Nonno is good at maths but I won every game. It was fun! Francesca

Today was a special day. It was Grandparents and Special Person Day. We divided into groups and played games. Anna B.

Today was grandparents day. It was a great day. Ava

Today we went to church. It was Grandparents Day. I had fun. Tobie

Today it was a special day. It was Grandparents and Special Persons day. First most of the grandparents came to our class. Then we went to Mass. After we went into our House colours and played some games. It was fun! Aiden S.

On Grandparents Day Ajok, Yorisun, Ayak and I played Dice Soccer and we played Uno which Ajok won. It was fun. Chol

On Grandparents day we made a building, it looked like a tower. My grandparents couldn’t come but I had fun. Mustafah

5. Extra Curricular Noticeboard

6. Community Noticeboard