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Newsletter - August 2017

1. From The Principal

Hello again everyone, and welcome to the Monthly Reflection for August. The year continues to speed on and winter is now almost done, with warmer days and a bit more sunshine around the corner. I am looking forward to the newly planted trees on the bottom playground responding to this extra warmth and bursting into bloom and/or leaf very soon.

First Communion

We have had another busy month here at St John’s starting with First Communion for children in Grade 3 and 4, with some from older grades joining in to catch up on the sacrament. My thanks go to Melanie Granata, Narelle Taylor and Leah Gates for the preparation that went into this sacrament, to Fr Peter for his involvement in the program and, most importantly, to the children and their families for the joyful way they prepared and celebrated this important step on their faith journeys. First Communion continues the journey of initiation into the Church begun at Baptism and is the opportunity for the children to now be fully involved in the celebration of the Mass. Some of these children will complete the initiation process when they re-state their baptism promises in the celebration of Confirmation next year. Some of the children have shared recounts and reflections later in this Reflection so look out for those. Congratulations to all of the children who undertook the sacrament.

Parent Maths Night

The month continued with a very successful Parent Maths Night facilitated for us by mathematics consultant and author, Michael Ymer. Michael’s enthusiasm for making maths easy, for developing numeracy in children and adults, and for understanding the world through mathematics communicated itself to all present and I believe everyone walked away with at least one thing that was new or thought provoking. My thanks go to Leah Gates for organising this evening; Leah has written about the night later in this Reflection and provided a few tips that were left with us by Michael for exploring Maths at home and with your children.

Liturgical Celebrations

This month we celebrated the Feast of St Mary of the Cross (MacKillop), Australia’s first saint, on Tuesday 8th August with classroom liturgies and prayers. Mary MacKillop was one of the founders of the Josephite Order of sisters who taught in many of the schools across Australia. Her often quoted motto was “Never see a need without doing something about it.” While this motto didn’t always make life easy for Mary or her sisters, it served as an inspiration to them as they reached out to others and can do so today for us as we strive to live a Christ centred life.

Another example of a woman of faith and commitment to others was celebrated on September 15th with the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. This day is one of the few remaining Days of Obligation in the Australian Church and we celebrated it with Mass lead by Fr Peter. On this day we celebrated Mary’s faith and her commitment to her son, Jesus, and to his teachings about how to live with and for others.

Open Morning and 2018 Enrolments

Our second Open Morning for prospective new enrolments was held on Wednesday 9th September. My thanks go to everyone who had a hand in organising flyer drops in the letter boxes of friends and neighbours as well as our local kinders. You may have seen one of the billboards that were up around Clifton Hill at the time also.

While all this advertising is good for getting our image out into the public, the best advertising we have is word of mouth from families who are already here. I have certainly been struck recently, in particular,  with the number of people who have come through to look at the school and have mentioned that friends have spoken highly of the school and that is why they came to see us.

If you know of anyone still looking for a school for next year, or if you still haven’t quite got around to putting in the enrolment form for your next child, then please recommend us or attend to this in the next couple of weeks. This will enable us to begin thinking about classes for next year before the end of this term.

Parent Engagement

We have reintroduced our weekly Cuppa and Chat on Thursday afternoons from 3pm. We invite parents and carers to come in to the hall and share a cuppa, biscuit and chat before pick up on this day.

We have placed two computers in the office foyer for the use of parents who may have trouble accessing the newsletter, calendar, blog and forms pages from home. While most people can access us on their smart phone, this is not always the best format for reading the information we send out, or for printing things either. Please feel free to access these machines when you visit the school and let other parents know that they are available. Anyone who has difficulty using the machines can ask for help from any of the school staff.

Insight-SRC Surveys were sent home to parents at the start of this term. Most of these surveys can be done online at a time that suits you. The surveys are a valuable tool for the school to access how we are meeting our strategic goals and to formally collect feedback from our parent community. In order for the feedback to be reliable statistically we do need a good return, so a big thank you to those parents who have already responded. We have until the end of next week to get our responses in before the survey period closes so, if you have not yet done so, please fill your survey in over the coming weekend.

Children’s Book Week

Last week St John’s again joined many other schools in celebrating good stories and a love of reading during the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book Week from 19 – 26 August, holding our annual parade on Wednesday 23rd August. I was delighted to see the efforts that so many of our children – and no doubt their parents – had gone to in thinking about book characters and their inventiveness in bringing these characters to life. The Book Week theme this year was “Escape to Everywhere” and this was certainly an aspect of reading that we were all able to identify with no matter what our ages. My thanks to Antoniette Stasi and the staff for the various activities that were organised over this week. Special thanks also goes to Shauna McEwan who volunteered to share some of her expert knowledge with the children after the parade. During this week we were also able to welcome children from our local kinders to share stories from our library with the older children, it was great to have them with us and thank you to the Grade 5/6 children who helped out with this.

Major Fundraiser

In looking forward to the coming month, don’t forget that our major fundraiser for the year, the Parents and Friends Cocktail and Auction Night, is coming up on Saturday 9th September. A great deal of work has already gone into the preparations for this night from many of our parents, but a good deal is still to be done too. Please see more information on what is happening and where help is needed in the Parents and Friends section of this Reflection. Remember too to buy your entrance tickets – and some for family friends who might like a great night out – as well as to remember to return your sold raffle books to the school office. I am very grateful on behalf of our children for all the fundraising that is done by all of our wonderful parents – it is this that has enabled us to do so much in renovating our playground and outdoor learning spaces so far.

Until next month, yours respectfully, Daniel

3. From The P&F

P&F August Reflections

So what’s happened this month?

It’s been a very busy month getting organised for our Father’s Day stall & raffle this week.  We hope the Dads like their presents as much as the kids enjoying shopping at the stall.

Our new school banking program with the Bendigo Bank is underway, kids with new accounts have received their bag of goodies and the first deposits were made this week.  If you haven’t already opened an account, we have forms at the office to help out.  A reminder that at the end of the year we will no longer co-ordinate deposits for the Commonwealth Bank Accounts.

Also, donations are flowing in for our major fundraiser, which is only a week away!  It’s great to see everyone pitching in to help out but we still have a lot more to do, please see below for how you can get involved.

What is coming up for the rest of term:

Cocktail Party

This is the major social and fundraising event for the year and we really want to see as many parents attend as possible.  For those new to the school, this is a great opportunity to get to know your community better and to have a conversation for more than 5 minutes.  Please click on the following link Cocktail Party Flyer

Buy your tickets now!  Tickets can be purchased for cash at the office ($45 single or $80 couple), or electronically into the Parents & Friends Account (BSB 633 000 A/C 1353 27989).  Please buy your tickets ASAP so that we can finalise the catering.

Live Auction Items Needed

We are still in need of a couple of live auction items, these are normally holiday house rentals, artworks or interesting memorabilia.  If you are interested in donating such an item or want to discuss it more, please speak with Melissa McIntosh (

Silent Auction Items

Thank you to everyone who has been organising donations for the silent auction, we have some amazing items which I’m sure will be popular.  If everyone asks at least three businesses that they regularly support, we get much better responses than when a couple of people do all the work.  Don’t forget to support those businesses that donated when you can, you can find a list on the school webpage here.  This list will be updated shortly to reflect the generous donations that we have received recently.

Helpers Needed

We’ll again need helpers to set up for the auction night so if you are free during the day on Thursday 7th, or Friday 8th, pop into the hall even for a small amount of time to help us put the hampers together and to turn the hall into a venue worthy of a cocktail party.

Classroom Hampers

The classroom hampers are still looking very bare, it is an expectation that every child makes a donation to the class hamper in line with the list of themes:  Asian, European, Australian, African, Mexican, Moroccan.  You can interpret these themes in any way you wish whether it be food related items, sporting related items, home-wares, music etc.  Think about what you would happily bid on, and have a look at what has already been donated, maybe you can find something that complements something already there. Please be mindful of best before dates on any food donations.

The classroom with the most impressive collection of donations will win a prize.

Hamper donations need to be in by Wednesday 6th September as on Thursday 7th, we will be sorting and preparing the hampers for sale.

Online Auction

Bidding has already commenced on the online auction.   There are still more prizes to be added soon so keep checking back.  The link to the auction site is, feel free to share the link with family and friends, who also may be interested, as there are some great family prizes to be had.

We will have a bidding station at the cocktail party for these items, however it is important that you set up your account on this site prior to the night to ensure you are able to bid.  Accounts set up in previous years will still work

September Holiday Accommodation

Don’t forget to get your bid form in if you want to win accommodation in Wye River during the September school holidays , click on the following link wye river flyer.

Major Raffle

Please don’t forget to sell your raffle tickets and bring the stubs and money into the office as soon as possible.  More books are available so if you can, please get another book to sell.  All the fantastic prizes for this raffle were donated by school families so every ticket we sell will go towards the playground.

All sold and unsold raffle tickets need to be returned to the office by Thursday 7th September.  The raffle will be drawn at our cocktail party on Saturday 9th September.

Lunch Orders

Our next lunch order day is on September 15th and it will be Footy themed.  This lunch order day has been allocated to the 3/4 classes so we will be looking for some parent help from these classes on this day, your class rep will be in touch with more details.

Playground Plan

Just a reminder that all funds raised through P&F activities continue to go towards our playground plan, and, funds raised can potentially be doubled through any successful grant applications.

Parents of St John’s Facebook page

Don’t forget to join our facebook group for regular updates.  And for sneak previews of some of our fantastic auction items.

4. First Holy Communion Reflection

On Saturday the 5th of August 2017 the 3/4s had their First Holy Eucharist or Communion. The Eucharist is when you or another person receives the Body of Christ.

On the night, our parents had to drop us off at the hall so the parents could go and get a good seat in the church. Meanwhile we were having our group photo taken and then we walked down to the church in two lines.

We were lining up waiting to walk down the aisle in two lines. The music started,
then we started to walk down the aisle. Probably everyone was nervous. When we got to the end, the two lines walked into the two opposite front rows. We had booklets on the seats so we could easily sing along to the songs that were played.

Then the Mass commenced. While we were sitting listening to Fr. Peter he asked all of us to come up to the altar to watch him consecrate the bread. Then he asked us to line up and take the bread and go and sit down in our seats.

Mr Ryan then read out our names one by one to come and collect our certificates. Then Fr Peter shook hands with everybody and we were able to stand with our certificates and sing the last song. After that Mum and Dad took a few pictures.

Then we went home and had lasagne and apple pie for dinner.

By Amelia O 3/4T


I made my First Communion on Sunday the 6th of August, but before I tell you about that I’ll tell you about preparation for my First Communion.

It all started when Miss Taylor gave us our books to write our names on them.

Our first lesson was with Miss Linda and she talked about her First Communion and she had to wear certain clothes like puffy dresses and the boys had to wear suits. A few lessons went by very quickly probably because we had a lesson every day.

Then when it came to practise the ceremony I was stoked to hear I got to do a reading in the prayers of the faithful, which was fun.

When it came to the day I woke up ready for the day and I put on my clothes and tie. When my gran arrived at my house my dad dropped me and my mum off at the school.

I got my photo taken and then the ceremony began. First the welcome and then opening song. The Homily was followed by magic tricks. Then first communion followed by handing out certificates.

Afterwards I had a party with my family. I went to the Terminus Hotel and I had a burger and chocolate pudding. Then I got presents and went home for dinner and bed.

By Ewan 3/4T


There was a lot to learn, leading up to my Holy Communion. It was certainly a day to remember, but there was a lot of hard work involved. We had to complete twelve different lessons, which had to do with being a step closer to being a full member in God’s family.

I learnt how to pay my respects to Jesus by genuflecting. I also learnt how to receive the bread and about the two great parts of Mass, The Liturgy of the Word and The Liturgy of the Eucharist.

On the day, everyone looked great and we were all prepared to receive the Body of Christ.

It was an amazing experience and everyone enjoyed it!

By Amelia Q 3/4T


On Sunday and Saturday we made our First Holy Communion. We got the Bread of Christ. When you get the Bread of Christ you have to say “Amen” then you step to the side and do the sign of the cross.

I learnt about the liturgy of the Eucharist and Liturgy of the Word. It was fun going through the book and learning so many things.

On the day, we had photos and had so much fun! Everyone looked great, as well as the teachers.

By Stella 3/4T


On the days leading up to Holy Communion there was a lot of work to do. We had a Eucharist book to complete and a poster to finish for the exciting day.

On the day we got to receive Jesus’ body we also had to wear semi-formal clothes. Everyone looked great! I was so happy because all my family was there.

By Jayda 3/4T


I dressed up in my best clothes. I had the Body of Christ and then I prayed. Father Peter did some cool magic tricks. We also went up with Father Peter and see him consecrate the Body and Blood of Christ. I got a certificate for receiving my First Holy Communion. I really enjoyed my First Holy Communion. After my First Holy Communion I went out with my family for dinner. I had two mini burgers and ice cream. It was delicious!

By Thierry 3/4T


I went to the hall to take a picture in my lovely clothes, l was wearing a button shirt,  gray pants and blue and green shoes.I had a photo on my own and a photo with all of us and Father Peter. We then got into our lines and walked into the church.

When we were walking, I saw my mum, my dad, my grandma, my grandad and Bridgy. We went and sat at the front of church, then we stood up and sang songs. Father Peter told us about God and Jesus, then we got to go up to the Altar and watch Father Peter break the bread. We got to eat the Body of Christ and then we got our certificates. People took our photos, my mum came and took lots of photos of me, then we all walked out of the church, we got into the car and drove home.

Mathew came over to my house, we made and had chocolate chip cookies. Mathew and I played and played then Mathew had to go home.

Rian R 3/4G


On Sunday morning I woke up with lots of excitement because I was making my First Holy Communion. I went to my mum and said, “It’s the day that I have my Holy Communion.”

I put on my clothes and I asked my dad to tie my bow tie up but my mum had to do it because my dad was getting the chicken ready for the party. When I got to the hall Miss Taylor put the blue stole and the pin on me. We had to line up but before we started to walk, Mr. Ryan fixed my ribbon and pin and then we started to walk to the church door.

When we were walking over to the church it was so cold, as we got there, I put the Holy water on my forehead and I did the sign of the cross and went into the church. We had to wait a long time and everyone was looking at us, it was very awkward, I was at the front of the line. Then we started to walk, sat in our seats and started singing. When Father Peter blessed the bread and wine we went up to the alter.

When church was finished, I got to kiss and hug my family. When I was going home, I was with my uncle. Last time we went to Torquay, my uncle said if you get enough money you can buy the wetsuit I rented for you.  When I got home everyone was there and when everyone saw me they gave me their presents but when it came to my uncle he gave me his card with his wife and daughters, I read it and then he gave me his present. I opened it and saw a wetsuit. It was probably the best present I ever got but then lunch was ready and we all sat down to eat it. It was the best day.

By Alex C 3/4G


“Wake up Martin,” ,my brother shouted. “It’s your First Communion!” That was the first sentence I heard when I woke up, it was my First Communion. He woke me up at about 6:05AM, the mass starts at 10:30AM.

“Matty, I have 4 hours let me sleep,” I said very quietly, as he pulled me up to eat breakfast.

I walked slowly to the kitchen and made myself breakfast. After that, I brushed my teeth, it took FOREVER. When I finally finished brushing my teeth I jolted to my room to get changed. I had a white shirt, a black shirt kind of thing on my white shirt, a navy tie and black pants.

Martin!” My mum shouted. I ran to her, she was in the bathroom.

“Let me gel your hair.” After my hair was gelled, I got my shoes.

“Fancy!” my sister laughed.

“Why do you and Matty always have your hair going to the right and up?” she asked.

“It looks good.” I replied. I waited for my siblings to finish then we went to the church.

When we got there I had to go to the hall to meet everyone. I was running as fast as I could and got there just in time for the group photo. I was sweating ‘Phew, just in time,’ I thought.

“Hey Martin!” Allan shouted. I saw my friend Rian wave at me. I joined the photo, I had to stand up in the photo, but I didn’t mind.

After we did the photos we got into two lines.

“Martin, when did you get here?” Joseph asked.

“Did you not see him?” Allan said. “He came during the photos!” We started walking, but the moment I stepped out I was shivering.

“IT’S FREEZING!” I shouted. One white shirt and black pants isn’t enough to keep you warm. We got to the church and walked in slowly. We stopped when Father Peter started talking to welcome everybody. After the welcome we all started walking to the front seats. The seats had a piece of paper that said RESERVED. I felt like a movie star.

All the things that in normal mass happened. The only differences were the people that were reading were different and all the people making their First Communion were standing up at the altar during the Consecration. Near the end of the Mass, my classmates and I got certificates then the Mass ended. I had to take photos with my family for what felt like forever – 15 minutes. When we finally finished taking photos my aunties, uncles, cousins, niece, nephew, siblings and I went to my house. We ate pizza and played games. At about 11:30 PM people started leaving. I loved that day and I wish I could do it again.

By Martin 3/4G


Beep, Beep, Beep. ‘Get ready for Communion’ the alarm showed. I groaned but I started to walk towards the bathroom. I got undressed and turned the tap in the shower. The water fell against my skin. I didn’t want to get out but there was one hour until I had to leave to go to the church. When I got out of the shower I was shivering because it was so cold. I put on my dressing gown and started to dry my wet hair with the hair dryer. Then I went to ask my mum if she could help me paint my nails. We choose a nice pink to paint them with. Then I got into my Communion dress feeling really pretty and special. Then it was time, time to go to CHURCH!

When we arrived my dad dropped my mum, sister and I out the front of the hall where the photos were getting taken. It was freezing outside so we quickly ran inside while my dad went to find a parking spot. When we got inside the hall there was still people getting their individual photos so I went to go say hi to my friends and get my blue stole and badge. Then we had our group photo with Father Peter and the other kids from St. Joseph’s that were receiving Communion with us. Then it was time for MASS!

We all walked over to the church through the freezing cold. Then we were allowed inside and there we waited for a long time. Finally, we started walking down the aisle just like we had practised. Then after some time, some storytelling and singing, Miss Gates called me to the back of the church to do the offertory with Daniel from 3/4T. I carried the wine and Daniel carried the bread. Then everyone making their First Communion was invited up to the altar to watch the consecration. Then for the first time, I received the body of Jesus Christ. We then did some more singing, received our certificates and had more photos. It was the end of mass which meant DINNER TIME!

For dinner we went to the Greek place on Queens Parade with my grandma, my other grandma, my grandpa, my dad, my mum, my sister and of course myself. For dinner I had pita bread and some hand cut chips. My grandma and grandpa gave me a Communion present. When we left the restaurant everyone came back to our house for some tea and biscuits. Then everyone left and I went to bed.

By Elise 3/4G


On Sunday the 6th of August 2017 some of the Grade 3s and 4s made our First Holy Communion. It all started when I went into the hall and Achai and Erin were already taking photos.

Miss Melanie was giving out stoles.  I went up to her and she placed a blue sparkly stole around me.  I felt a bit nervous but mostly excited!  Then I walked over to the photos and more people started to arrive.  Before long everyone was there, the boys were in tops and trousers, and the girls in dresses. I’m not a fan of dresses.

Next we had the whole class photo, then Miss Gates lined us up according to the jobs we were given.  We walked down to the church and entered the big doors of the over 100 year-old church.  My family has been part of this church for more than 60 years. Lots of people were taking photos and we kept on walking in until we got to our seats at the front of the church.  I was sitting next to Thomas and Violet.

The Mass continued like a normal Mass until the Eucharist.  That’s when Thomas and I brought up the bread and wine.  When we were seated again Father Peter asked all the students making their First Holy Communion to stand around the alter.  He turned the bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ.  After he lifted the bread and wine to be blessed we all lined up to receive First Communion, the body not the blood.

When we were all seated again and had the final prayer, Father Peter ended the Mass by saying, “The Mass has ended go in peace”.

I felt happy having my family and friends with me and we all took photos.  My friend Aniela, who doesn’t go to this school, hugged me so tightly I couldn’t breathe.  I lit a candle and said a prayer. All in all it was a amazing day.

By Grace 3/4G


5. Maths News

Maths Evening for Parents

Thank-you to all those parents that came to our Parent Maths Evening on Monday 7th August. The evening was led by specialist Mathematics consultant Michael Ymer, who discussed how can parents and teachers promote quality thinking and learning in mathematics. From the feedback given, everyone enjoyed the evening and found it informative and helpful. ‘Get Out Of My House’ was a maths game that was shared on the night. This game and its variations, is a game that the whole family can participate, no matter the range in abilities. You can access the game and instructions on the school blog.


Helping Your Children with Mathematics

Building on success is important. Create the impression that being successful in mathematics is desirable. Reward effort and try not to criticise errors.


Activities that can you can do to help promote maths at home


Estimating is an important activity and applies to all aspects of mathematics. Whenever possible, ask your children to guess quantities. Some examples of estimating tasks that you might ask the children to do are:

  • estimate the number of jellybeans in a jar
  • estimate how many people are in a room
  • estimate how many pieces of bread are in a loaf
  • estimate the biggest house number in the street that you have just turned into
  • estimate how far it is to drive to a particular point in the distance whilst driving
  • estimate how long it will be until you walk to a particular point
  • take 15 seconds, say, to walk to the other side of the room
  • estimate how many steps there are from the bottom to the top when you are walking up some stairs

On some occasions work together to find the actual amount, distance etc.


Congratulations to all those students who participated in the Trinations Mathletics Competition. St John’s came 40th, which is an outstanding effort considering there were three countries involved and over a million participants.

A BIG Congratulations also goes to the following students who placed in the top 50 for their year level:

Year 3:

Allan came 5th

Ari came 6th

Year 4:

Dylan came 6th

Theirry came 49th

6. 5/6 Dom August Reflections

Something I learnt and really enjoyed this term was volume, area and perimeter. I learnt about how to use it, different strategies and much more! We all got to do our own poster on it and I thought that was SUPER FUN!! We got to design our posters in our own unique ways.  It also gave me a big reminder on how to do area, perimeter and volume. It would sometimes be a bit hard to remember every aspect of this, but I felt like this task was super enjoyable and I hope to something like it again!

By Sienna


Recently I have enjoyed working on my reciprocal reading roles. The last reading role I did was Vocabulary Extender and I had to pick a few words from the book we are reading that I didn’t know of and learn the meaning and put them in a sentence. I enjoyed it because I got to learn some new words and the meanings of them. What I found challenging was putting some of the harder words in a sentence.

By Emily


This term we made Water Wheels in groups. We had to change our Water Wheel so that it would pull up the rubber faster. The Water Wheel works by pouring water onto your blades which makes them spin, attached to the blades is a string and at the end of the string is a rubber, the aim is to pull the rubber up as fast as you can. We made this as part of our Science topic, I enjoyed making them.

By Keely


I enjoyed doing my reciprocal reading roles this term and especially my summariser role. I really liked my role because it was probably my best one so far and my favourite one so far. The challenges I faced when doing this role was actually trying to find the important parts of the two chapters, chapters 5 and 6, of ‘The Bone Sparrow’ because that is one thing that I am not good at doing, I eventually did get to find it. What I learned from doing this role is that anything is possible when you keep trying and never give up.

By Xiaoyu


In the third week of term students in grades five and six participated with Elodie in 5/6 and Michele Davies in preparation for the 2017 Art Show. Around 15 students have joined the Art committee that takes place on a Friday afternoon (2:00-3:00) as a part of Genius Hour, a task set up by teachers which are run by year four, five and six students. The Art committee will run until the Art Show, next term.

I love the Art committee because it has a range of things to do for students of all ages. It welcomes any student who is keen to give it a go and is a really great place to get crafty and hang out with your friends.

By Gus


“I enjoy Art committee because it is fun and it is a great place to socialise with your friends.”

By Nicholas


“I enjoy Art committee because it is like a second art in the week. Art committee is a great place to learn things from other students and for you to teach them.”

By Leo


I enjoyed doing my volume poster because you can use your creativity to make an amazing building. What we did on our volume poster was to create or print a rectangular prism or cuboid. We then measure it (to scale). We write in the formula and the explanation of what volume is. Finally, we decorated and put in everything from pencil to print. When I was finished, I was proud of my work. My volume building was called ‘JOJoDoJOMoJo STUDIOS’. I made it in Google Slides and one challenge I had was that it needed to be in portrait, so the challenge was I had to do all my work sideways on the laptop!

By Joseph


This term I have enjoyed learning about the Zones of Regulation, because it is very interesting learning about emotions and which Zone someone is in, or I am in. There are 4 zones, The Blue Zone, Green Zone, Yellow Zone and Red zone. For me I would say I am mostly in the Green Zone and sometimes in the red zone. In each zone there are different emotions, in the Green zone you are calm and ready to learn, in the Blue Zone you can feel sad or sick, in the Yellow Zone you might feel a bit silly or anxious and in the Red Zone you might feel angry or lose your temper. I like how I got to learn about other feelings, and for me to know where the feelings go for each zone. I think it is good to learn this, because it can help everyone in the school identify how they are feeling. It also helps us with our friends and other kids on the playground. A challenge I have gone through when learning about the zones is trying to sort out the feelings that fit in each zone.

By Chanel


This term in performing arts we were asked (in a group) to create a dance within a few weeks. In those weeks I’ve learnt more about everyone’s personality in my group and styles of dance. I have really enjoyed these few weeks and I’m really excited to perform our dance in the dance off!

By Meija


This term at St John’s I have really enjoyed choreographing, designing, creating, practising, performing and presenting our dances that we have been making in performing arts. It is unbelievably fun to work as an ensemble developing and expanding our dances into something great!!! My group and I are extremely proud and happy with the final product of our dance and can’t wait to perform it at the dance off on Thursday!!! We had some difficult challenges that we faced like: using everyone’s spectacular ideas in one small dance, what music to choose, and whether the music is too fast or too slow, too sad or too boisterous, but we overcame them and couldn’t be happier with our dance. It has truly been the highlight of the term among all the wonderful things and subjects we learn and do at St John’s. During this process I have learnt how to construct a dance using different strategies and techniques to form a dance that looks and feels absolutely phenomenal!!!

By Allegra


I enjoyed Measurement this term because it was fun learning about different areas of measurement and how it can be converted to something else. I have learnt how to convert kilograms to grams and millilitres to litres and so on and so forth. My big challenge was learning and understanding how to convert units of measure.

By Max


This term I have enjoyed and learnt about The Zones of Regulation. The Zones have really helped me to categorise the emotions you feel at certain times and places. It also really made it clear to everyone that different people feel different emotions and that we all are different and we all can’t feel the exact same emotions all the time.

By Bianca


One thing I liked about this term was Genius Hour. One challenge I had to face was trying to get everyone involved. One reason why I enjoyed Genius Hour is I love to play sport, teaching the younger kids was really fun.

By Kek


Performing Arts is special in many ways. Explosive fun is lurking around every corner; it is such an amazing lesson! But this term has had its challenges. We were put into groups and given a task: to design and create a dance presentable in a dance off that will be held in a month. My group all had different styles of song and a different picture of what the dance should look like. Furious arguments arose and Performing Arts wasn’t so fun anymore. Eventually we forgave each other and began to co-operate with each other. Our dance has improved and it has all taught us to persevere when we are in need of help.

By Emily Mc


In sport we have been learning about tennis, the right technique and skills. With the help of Michael from the Alphington sports club and Mr Falcone, our sports teacher, we have learnt how to do ‘backhanders,’ ‘hit and run,’ ‘forehanders,’ and ‘volleys’. We have also learnt the right starting stance, with your legs side on and your hand back in ready position. Also remembering to keep your shoulder down. Michael has also taught us to serve properly as well.

With District athletics coming up soon, Mr Falcone has been training us, learning the right techniques for discus, long jump, triple jump, shot put and short distance running.

By Nicholas


For part of our sport this term my favourite focus was tennis.

I enjoyed tennis because it’s my favourite sport other than AFL football and I do tennis lessons with my friends Ollie and Matty. In the first lesson we just went over the basics, which were smashes, forehands, backhands, and volleys; this helped me get better at these skills.

By Monty

7. Art Show

St John’s Primary School Art Show

‘The Nature of Things’

Friday 10 November 5-8pm

Parent support greatly appreciated, please let Michele know your availability.

Presentation and installation of work.

Wednesday 8th November

Thursday 9th November



8. Science Reflections

Alyssa:  In science, we were learning about the different types of energy. I really liked doing the waterwheel experiment because we got to make the waterwheel from scratch.

Steph: In science this term we have learnt about all the different types of energy. We tested the energy of movement by doing a fun interactive lesson with making waterwheels.

Jack: In science I enjoyed learning about the water wheel project and learning about renewable energy. The shade Black attracts the sun.

Paddy: In Science, we have been learning about renewable energy and we have also been learning how to heat up a can by painting it black and making foil bowls.

Matty: In science we have been learning to make some changes to a tin can and see how hot it would heat up.

Bella: In science we have been learning about different types of energy, there is a lot you can experiment on.

Flynn: In science I learnt that the colour black attacks the sun.

Electra: In science we have been learning about different types of energy. There are about 10 different types of energy. Some of them are sound energy, light energy, movement energy, gravitational energy etc. We have also been applying these types of energy on various experiments and have to identify what types of energy was involved.

Elena: In science I really enjoyed learning about Hydropower, it makes energy by storing water in dams, then it spins the water around creating renewable energy.

Jasmine: In science we have been learning about different energies. We have been doing many experiments to do with energy and have to identify what type of energy is involved in the experiment. We have been doing waterwheels and are currently doing an experiment to do with heating up a can.

Sienna: In science I have learnt many things about energy, power and water wheels! Which was a overwheeling experience.

Gisele: in science we learnt about how to make renewable energy with water wheels.

Germana: I have enjoyed in science doing our energy expert groups. My group is hydro energy, I have enjoyed learning how hydroenergy what it is, how it works and also who uses it.

Eloise: During science we have been exploring types of renewable energy in expert groups.

Ollie: During science we are learning about energy and renewable energy. I really enjoyed the the water wheel.

William: in science we have been making things like bouncy balls and water wheels.  Currently we are working on how to heat up a modified and an non modified can and our challenge is to make the modified can heat up faster and that is what we have been learning in science.

Liliana: In science I learnt about how using different objects can create energy.


Pietro: In science we have learned about renewable energy.

Laura: In science I have learnt how to make a water wheel which is awesome. It was a great task because we learnt about the energy it uses (movement). I think it’s cool how we got to make the water wheel ourselves.

Bruno: In science I have learnt type’s of energy and how they are made and how it’s used.  My group is geothermal energy.  We learnt about water wheel’s.  The energy they use is movement and gravitational.

9. Extra Curricular Noticeboard

10. Community Noticeboard