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Newsletter - End of July 2019

1. From The Principal

Dear Families,

Welcome to this delayed edition of the end of July Reflection, between ill health and the busyness of my diary over the last couple of weeks, it has been difficult to get to. I hope everyone is organised for the cold weather over this weekend!

Critical Dates for Catholic School Year 7 Enrolments in 2021

Term 3 – 23 August 2019:        Applications for Year 5 students commencing Year 7 in 2021 close.

Term 3 – 6 September 2019:     Principals exchange a full list of applications with neighbouring colleges, including parish and residence.

Term 3 – 20 September 2019:   Principals exchange a full list of applications with neighbouring colleges, including parish and offers and non-offers.

Term 4 – 16 October 2019:        Principals and Registrars Enrolment Briefing at Catholic Leadership Centre to finalise offers for 2021 and exchange names of unsuccessful applicants to ensure all students are offered a                                                        place. The briefing will be held from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm, following lunch held prior at 12.00 pm.

Term 4 – 25 October 2019:        Offers posted to prospective Year 7, 2021 applicants.

Term 4 – 8 November 2019:      Final date for families to accept offer made by school.

Grade Six Sporting Achievers

As I mentioned in the end of June Newsletter Paolo has managed to gain a place in the Victorian State Representative Soccer Squad.

The St John’s Office (Gina) is selling raffle tickets for School Sport Victoria, on behalf of Paolo Gottoli, who, with his fellow team members, has worked hard and made it into the Under 12 Victorian Soccer State Team.

The ticket sales support the families, and assists the team with the costs to compete at a representative level. Please find further details below:

Murtoa College 

Teams Raffle in aid of SCHOOL SPORT VICTORIA (SSV) Team Vic State Teams 

1st PRIZE:      Kia Rio Sport (on road) $24,211.82

2nd PRIZE:     Travel / Accommodation Voucher $10,060.00

3rd PRIZE:      Apple Macbook Pro $2,699.00

4th PRIZE:      Vintec Wine Bottle Cellar (40 bottle) $1,999.00

5th PRIZE:      Vitarnix Ascent A2300I $895.00

6th PRIZE:      Apple Homepod $449.00

Drawn 06/12/19

School Sport, Victoria, 189 Urcuhart Street Coburg at 12 noon.

Results published at School Sport Victoria web site on 06/12/19 

Tickets: $2.00

Permit number 10914/19 for sale of tickets in Victoria from 04/02/19 to 30/11/19.

Thanking you in advance for your support, all proceeds are appreciated.

In other sporting achiever news:

  • Ned Tyrrell competed in the State Cross Country Championships recently in the boys 12-13 age group. Ned came in 22nd placing him in the top 25 runners for his age group over distance in the state, a fantastic effort, Ned;
  • Jayda Gledhill recently competed in the National Karate Championship and placed 8th, putting her in the top 10 across Australia for her age and division, a super effort, Jayda – Jayda will now go on to compete in the International Championships at the end of this month and we wish her every success;
  • and finally, congratulations to our mixed soccer team who made a three game sweep in the Divisional section of the winter competition to make it through to the Regionals this coming week – the team have worked extremely well as one unit and have represented the school proudly, displaying not only skills and good sportsmanship but manners and respect for officials also, we wish them every success this Monday!

Body Safety Superstars Program

This week we commence our Child Safety Program foreshadowed in previous newsletters. Last week the classroom teachers were joined by teachers from St Joseph’s in Collingwood to participate in some professional development around this program and then we had 17 families represented at our Parent Information evening.

Protective behaviours and bodily autonomy has long been represented in the health curriculum but, in the wake of the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry and the subsequent Betrayal of Trust Report, closely followed by the federal Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, there are now Child Safety Standards that all schools and groups who work with children (sporting clubs, dance schools, scouts etc) must meet. One of these standards involves ensuring that children are educated and empowered and are able to seek help if needed rather than suffering in silence, as we have heard so much of in media reports about the Royal Commission especially.

The Body Safety Superstars program will be facilitated by trained presenters in this area and classroom teachers will be at every session. The P-2 program will take place over the next two Tuesdays, the 3-4 program over the next 3 Tuesdays, and the 5-6 program over the next 3 Fridays.

If any parents have questions about the program and why we have chosen to run it, I urge you to make contact with the school or seek out those parents who attended the Parent Night.

Excursion to Werribee Open Range Zoo

On Thursday 25th July we undertook the logistical exercise of transporting the entire school to the Werribee Open Range Zoo for a Whole School Excursion. On the day the children went on self directed walks in small groups, a guided safari bus tour and participated in targeted educational sessions aimed at respective grade levels. My thanks go to Melanie Granata who liaised with the zoo and was the driver and initiator of this experience, to the classroom teachers for embracing this as an immersion activity for this term’s inquiry topics, and to the wonderful parent helpers who came along to ensure that we could have small and manageable groups on the day. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and, from conversations I have had, learned a great deal from the experience.

Congratulations to Our Preps on 100 Days

A very big cheer for our Prep children who this week celebrated 100 days of being at St John’s and learning so much. The development in the first six months of Prep is amazing to witness and I congratulate them on all they have achieved. I am sure that the next six months will be equally rewarding. Later in this edition of the St John’s Reflection the Preps and their Grade 1 classmates share what they love about school.

Farewell and Welcome

We have recently farewelled Gladys Chia as our School Counsellor/Chaplain and welcomed her replacement in this role in Thomas Watson.

Gladys joined us through our contract arrangement with CatholicCare Melbourne late last year, taking over from Tess Sibbel. In the time that she was with us, Gladys quickly developed a great working rapport with the children she was supporting and was helpful to staff in a number of different ways across the school. Gladys has taken up an opportunity in a private practice in the Eastern suburbs.

Thomas was welcomed at this week’s assembly and began his work with us on the same day. He also comes to us through CatholicCare Melbourne and has a breadth of experience working in a range of school settings across the Archdiocese. We thank Thomas for joining us and hope that his stay with us is a long and beneficial one for all concerned.

Until next time, respectfully, Daniel 🙂

2. From The Parish

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3. From The P&F

Hello Parents and Friends,

Saturday August 17 Comedy Night Aikenhead Hall


Have you purchased your tickets yet? Tickets are available for purchase right now via the Comedy for a Cause website, go to the link.

This was a really fun night last year and is a great opportunity to bring some friends along.  There will be some silent auction items and hampers to purchase, so book the babysitter now! Don’t forget all the profits go directly to benefit the kids of our school, so please support this event.

Come and enjoy the relaxed environment and have a few laughs.

Please get your tickets now and support the hard work of your P&F Committee, remember it’s to support your kids!

Comedy Line Up

The line up is now available, I’ve posted it on the school Facebook page – feel free to share the post.

Class Hampers

It’s time to start bringing in donations for the class hampers. If each family brought in at least one item per child, we would have plenty in no time.

Silent/Online Auction

We are also looking for business donations for our silent and online auctions.  The best way of getting these is if people can request them from businesses that they are themselves regular customers of.  Donations from any local shops, restaurants, beauty salons etc are all fantastic.  Vouchers will be going on our online auction again, physical goods will be hampered up in the silent auction.

We also have certificates of appreciation for businesses who donate.  Just let your class rep know and we will organise a thank you certificate to be printed.

Some families like to purchase vouchers for the online auction, in particular restaurant vouchers tend to have competitive bidding.  When arranging vouchers please be clear that the vouchers won’t be received until 17th August for expiry date purposes.


For those families who would prefer to just make a donation, a selection of different price points will be available, if the right price point isn’t there, you can just make a specific donation on the night using our eftpos facility or by transferring into the P&F account.


Bec’s Taco Shack and Bar will be open for the duration of the night to keep us fed and watered.  No need to eat dinner before you arrive.

Holiday Houses

It’s been a couple of years since we had a holiday house to auction off for a weekend.  If you know of anyone who is willing to offer theirs up for a weekend away auction item, it could be a real hit.

Scouts and schools monster raffle.

Tickets due back next week

Get selling! This is a fabulous opportunity and buying a ticket puts you in the running to win a Holden Trax, a trip to the Gold Coast or one of over 100 other prizes!

Remember all books need to be returned, so please make an effort to sell at least the books we sent our. They are only $2 a ticket, so time to hassle the friends and family to buy!

Baker’s Delight Friday Lunch Orders:

Please note that Baker’s Delight Friday Lunch Orders are up and running. Get your order in Thursday evening for a Friday delivery. You can also order ahead for your convenience

Ordering is done online just go to: to orHello parents and friends,


4. Terracotta Warriors


秦始皇 (qín shǐ huáng)

National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is currently exhibiting eight Terracotta Warriors, two full-sized horses, and other items lent by museums from China. To commemorate this special event, a study of the basic information about the Warriors is included in the Chinese lessons.

Ying Zheng was born in 259 BC; he went on to become the leader of the Qin state at the age of thirteen. His 36-year reign saw many historic accomplishments.

In 221 BC, when Ying Zheng was 38 years old, he unified seven states as one country – China. He then had the title of Qín shǐ huáng, the first Emperor of Qin / China.

After unification, Qín shǐ huáng unified the Chinese written language characters. It was a useful way for everyone to communicate through the Chinese characters.

Qín shǐ huáng also unified weights, measure and coin. Existing sections of wall and defensive barrier were connected and extended under Qín shǐ huáng’s order to become today’s Great Wall. All of these developments laid a solid ground for the history of China.

Despite Qín shǐ huáng’s contributions to China, he was a tyrant. To prevent the people thinking freely, he burnt many books and buried scholars alive.

The Terracotta Warriors (兵马俑 bīng mǎ yǒng) were discovered on 29th March 1974 when farmers were digging a water well. 兵 means solider(s). 马 means horse(s). 俑 means tomb figure(s).

There are more than 8,000 life-sized clay warriors ready for battle. Originally, each warrior was painted in bright colours. Exposure to air caused the paint to dry and flake, leaving only the terracotta base. There are also terracotta horses placed among the warrior figures.

The exhibition at NGV will be on until 13th October. Parents are encouraging to take the children there for the experience.




5. 100 Days of School - Prep and One

At school, I like learning about animals, time and numbers. I love to read, write and draw. I love school because it is lots of fun.

At school, I like to learn. I like playing tennis and down ball with Ava and Lily. I love reading, writing, spelling and Maths. I like my buddies Patricia and Achai. I love my school, St John’s. I like all my classmates and I love learning with Mrs Stasi.

At school, I like to play with the toys in the classroom and I like to play outside with my friends. I love school.

At school, I like to listen and learn. I like playing with my buddy Rian. I like playing on the monkey bars and with the basketball. I like helping people because it is fun.

At school, I like to play and learn. I love my buddy Erin so much. Amna

I love St John’s School because I have lots of fun.

At school, I like to play with my friends. At school, I like to play on the monkey bars. I have loved learning new things.

At school, I like to learn, listen and play. I love school.

At school, I like playing on the monkey bars with Maison and Edith. I like learning and drawing.

I like playing with my buddy, Joseph. We play basketball. I like writing about lots of different things. Writing is fun.

At school, I love sitting and learning. I love singing and writing.

At school, I enjoy playing basketball with my friends, learning about time, animals and numbers. I love school, we have lots of fun learning.

At school, I like playing tennis with Tahlia and Ava. I like learning with Mrs Stasi. I like learning about animals, time and God’s creation.

At school, I like playing with my friends. I like learning with Mrs Stasi.

At school, I like playing tennis with my friends. I love reading, writing and maths. I have enjoyed learning about time and animals.

At school, I like playing with my buddy, Elise. I love learning about animals, time and numbers. I love reading, writing and singing. I love school because we have lots of fun learning.


6. Extra Curricular Noticeboard

7. Community Noticeboard