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Newsletter - End of May 2019

1. From The Principal

Dear Families,

The change of seasons is well and truly with us over the last week. Although we had a very mild Autumn, the week leading in to Winter has certainly been a reminder of what Melbourne can turn on weather wise. I have had a number of conversations with children about dressing appropriately for the weather. While our indoor spaces are always warm, they do need to be prepared to go outside at break times – this means that they need a warm, rain proof jacket or coat at the very least, and a beanie scarf and gloves don’t go astray either. The navy blue school coat (with or without logo) is available to order at the office and I am investigating a new design for beanies and scarves at present and will let you know more details soon. While I expect everyone to be in the correct uniform while inside, I am more concerned with maintaining warmth outside so am not too concerned with what type of coat children wear, as long as they have one. Our winter uniform should now be being worn for classroom as well as sporting sessions – a number of children are still wearing shorts and I encourage everyone to transition to long pants and track pants as appropriate.

NAPLAN Tests for Grade 3 and 5

These tests have once again been completed. For the first time this year, apart from the Grade 3 Writing test, all tests were completed on line. At St John’s we were fortunate not to experience the large scale connection issues that many schools experienced and our children were able to complete the tests in good order. Congratulations to the children for the manner in which they approached these tests and my thanks to the staff who administered them and kept everyone calm. We now await the results.

Human Sexuality Lessons Grade 4-6

My thanks to Glenys Borland from InterRelate who has once again facilitated these sessions for us. We had our normal Parent Information evening for the program on Thursday 9th May and then the fours, fives and sixes each had three sessions to explore the topic with an emphasis on discussion with their adults at home as very much part of the program. While this subject can make some students feel uncomfortable, it is never-the-less an important area of the curriculum and I would like to thank all of our students – especially our Grade 6 class – for the manner in which they engaged with the subject matter and the facilitator.

Bush Dance

While the take up of tickets wasn’t quite what we had hoped for – given the success of last year’s event – the Bush Dance on Saturday 18th May was a great night for those who attended. My thanks to the Parents and Friends for their organisation of the night. They had the hall at St Joseph’s in Collingwood looking great for the night and the catering was right on the mark. The children, parents and members of our parish community who attended were guided through a number of bush dances by members of Paddy’s Wombat Bush Band – the youngest of whom was only in Year 3 herself – and there was much laughter and rosy cheeks from the efforts.

Reports and Parent Teacher Meetings

Teachers are currently working on reports for First Semester, checking off the results from work that has already been completed to date and finalising units that still need to be assessed. Notes will be coming out to parents and carers about Parent Teacher Meetings or Three Way Conferences in the next week or so, please keep an eye out for these so that you can book your sessions with class teachers. The teachers are aware of booking children from the same family at similar time slots to make it easier for parents to get from one to the other. Teachers will be endeavouring to keep to time so that parents are not kept waiting and we ask that parents cooperate in this matter by being on time for their allotted appointment.

Until mid June, respectfully,Daniel 🙂


2. From The Parish


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3. From The P&F

Hello parents and friends,

Winter has well and truly landed this week. I don’t know about you but the temptation to spend an extra 10 minutes in bed has been very hard to resist this week!

Bush Dance wrap up:

Thank you so much to everyone who came and supported this fundraiser. Whilst the turnout was a little disappointing, those that showed up had a wonderful time. St Joseph’s Hall twinkled with candles and fairy lights and looked it’s best dressed with the hay bales and native foliage. We had a glimpse back in time to the social dances it once hosted, weekly (so I was told by some of the wiser guests who attended!)

It was gorgeous to see all the kids getting involved and seeing Dad’s dancing with their girls and Mum’s with their sons, teachers and parishioners, all to the wonderful and very talented band. It was a really lovely experience!

A huge thank you to those that helped to ensure this night went ahead and was enjoyed by all particularly Michelle Tyrell, Melissa McIntosh, Bec Fanelli and Bernadette Montalto, but also to each and every person that attended or made donations.

Baker’s Delight Friday Lunch Orders:

Please note that Baker’s Delight Friday Lunch Orders are up and running. Get your order in Thursday evening for a Friday delivery. You can also order ahead for your convenience

Ordering is done online just go to: to order directly.

Term 3:

As we see the end of term 2 on the horizon, I’d like to draw your attention to the events of  term 3.

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday August 17th 

Saturday August 17   Comedy Night Aikenhead Hall

If you couldn’t make it to the Bush Dance, we would love you to make a special effort to attend the Comedy Night. This was a huge success last year.  If you didn’t make it last year, this is a night not to be missed. It’s also perfect for bringing along some friends.

Come and enjoy the relaxed environment and have a few laughs.

June/July                    Scouts and schools monster raffle.

This year we have joined with the Scouts for our major raffle. Tickets and info will be coming out next week. This is a fabulous opportunity and buying a ticket puts you in the running to win a Holden Trax, a trip to the Gold Coast or one of over 100 other prizes! We will be giving everyone plenty of time to sell ticket to friends, family, work colleagues and will hopefully do some shopping centre rosters as well.  Keep your eye out!


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