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Newsletter - February 2017 Part 2

1. From The Principal

Hello once again to all in the St John’s Community.

We have had a very busy start to the school year with the election of our student leaders, Grade 5 and 6 Camp to Phillip Island, our Beginning of the Year Mass, Shrove Tuesday pancake making, Information meetings for P-2 and an Information session for the 3-4s, a Sexuality Program information session for parents of Grades 4-6, Parent Helper Workshop, buddy activities, the completion of the first part of our playground works and, by no means least, a great deal of learning already taking place (and it’s only week five!).

February Learning to Date

Our new Preps in the Prep/1 class are learning a great many new routines and have been enjoying sharing stories and learning to read a variety of poems and rhymes to help with the recognition of sounds. They are still in the transition phase of starting school but this will soon come to an end and they will be with us full-time from next week.

In Grade 1/2 the students have been learning all about a range of Interpersonal Skills, such as what it takes to get along with each other in a positive way, keeping hands and feet to ourselves so that others are safe, and practising being nice and caring of others as we would like them to be to us. The children have also been looking at the care and maintenance of plants, especially those in our school yard. In their Reading Groups one of the activities was making posters to show their understanding of the materials they have read, and another is being confident to answer a range of questions based on the information in the text. They have been exploring a range of strategies around doubling, and have looked at the traditions around Shrove Tuesday and just why pancakes are such a big part of the day.

In Grade 3/4 there has been a big focus on exploring who our neighbour is through the Project Compassion resources on the Caritas Australia website, especially the various case studies to be found there that present life from different perspectives. They have also been working on developing their Growth Mindsets by exploring what kind of learner they are. They have discovered that there are many learning styles, with some people preferring visual learning, some auditory learning, and some movement based learning to name just three. They are enjoying watching episodes of Behind the News (BTN) that has them tuning into what is happening in the world and beginning to think critically about these events, and their work in Place Value and Reading groups has certainly sparked their enthusiasm.

Our Grade 5/6 students have had a large focus on what it takes to be a leader and have been linking this to an exploration of how they have changed over time as well as an exploration of characterisation in literature. They have been using character studies in their reading to also begin to work on the character development in their own writing, with a focus on looks , behaviour and, most importantly, character traits – one of the favoured explorations was of Miss Trunchbull from Roald Dahl’s Matilda. In Mathematics the focus has been on using number lines to assist with their understanding of whole numbers and decimals, as well as using strategies to add and subtract using the number line to assist them. In Religious Education they have enjoyed using the Project Compassion videos to understand how Caritas works in the world and how they reach out to others to help and support them in different areas.

Some Children’s Comments

  • Luke and Jessica in 1/2 like using different strategies to make doubles in Maths while TuTu loves the work that is done in Reading groups.
  • “I love the Ten a Day in maths and the great focus and productivity. I also like the chance to meditate and that Mr Falcone wants to put a school basketball team together” – Joseph 3/4
  • “I like that our Maths and Reading groups are with people of like ability so that we can learn the things we need together” – Elise 3/4
  • “I am enjoying our Reading groups and Reading activities, especially the Daily Five” – Violet 3/4
  • “I enjoy focusing on development and changes. I also love developing my writing by focussing on character descriptions and using Roald Dahl to help” – Emily 5/6
  • I am enjoying learning different strategies using a number line – I am also enjoying using my Mental Maths skills. It’s also great to develop mental pictures of characters and truly imagine what the character is like” – Pietro 5/6
  • “I love writing and Maths. I get to explore characters more deeply and then write about them. In Maths I have enjoyed using the number line and developing my knowledge of how these can assist us, for example in subtraction” Isabella 5/6

Please Remember

Upcoming dates are always sent out in the Weekly Bulletin that comes out via email on Sunday evenings. If you haven’t yet received this please let the office know a soon as possible. The events that are flagged on this are also entered on the school calendar and more details are usually available there so please check this regularly.

This week we have our Ash Wednesday Whole School Mass tomorrow at 9:15am in the church. We would really love to have as many parents and family members as possible join us.

On Friday we have our annual Welcome Picnic starting at 5:30 and finishing at 8:30 in the school yard. This is a great opportunity to come together to celebrate the start of the 2017 school year and to catch with old friends or to meet some new ones. There will be a Sausage Sizzle available or families are free to bring a picnic basket or grab a take-away from across the road. We have hired a Jumping Castle for the night so that children can entertain themselves. It would be great to see all of the school community present if possible. Please remember, however, that teachers are not on duty this night so parents are responsible for supervision.

Because the Grade 5 and 6 students were on camp prior to the Information Sessions for other grades, there will be a Grade 5/6 Learning Community Evening on Thursday 9th March from 6:30 to 8:00pm in the 5/6 Learning Area. The teachers and students will share some of the learning approaches at this level and then parents and children are invited to share a light meal to conclude the evening.

Until next time, yours with respect, Daniel

2. From The Parish

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3. Some 5/6 Camp Reflections

The reason why I liked Raft building was because it was really fun and a bit challenging. It also was really funny because as soon as our raft hit the water some of the pipes flipped and I had to push the raft along. We also got caught on the boy and had to drag it all the way in to shore. (Paddy)

I really enjoyed a maze ‘n’ things because I enjoyed all the illusions, the mirror maze and the maze. I especially loved the room that was horizontal. It was a great end to a great camp. I found the low ropes really fun because I enjoy optical courses and that’s what it was. Plus, when you fell off the ropes you didn’t hurt yourself. The low ropes were a bit challenging but that just made them more fun. I really liked going to the beach and going into the water with my friends. Jasmine and I played this game with every wave that came, you had to jump over it. I really enjoyed the time at the beach. (Germana)

Raft making was my first favourite because my team showed what working as a team looks like because when we were slowly sinking, others took their initiative to jump into the brown seaweed infested water to make sure our raft stayed afloat. But in the end instead of sinking the raft fell apart. (Steph)

The Giant Swing was my first favourite because I found it really fun and it sort of pushed me out of my comfort zone. Looking down at the ground from really high up didn’t stop me from doing it. I loved the part where you would have to pull the multi coloured string and would fly in the air. I loved it. (Electra)

I liked the activities because all of them pushed me and I had tonnes of fun on all of them. I liked the giant swing the most because you went so high that when you went down, it felt like you were flying. I liked the Circotron because when you were spinning in all of the rings (yellow, green and blue) it felt like you were in space. I liked the archery because you pulled the string back and to see where you got on the target. (Ollie)

Circotron was my favourite because I was twisting and turning and it was so fun!! I loved when I first went on it and I was only going up and down and then when she finally let’s go of the green and blue rings, you just go crazy!!! (Alyssa)

My favourite activity was canoeing, because I felt free doing it, like we didn’t have to follow a set rule! We just got in set off and freedom! It was fun too! Electra accidentally rowed us into a fountain and we both got soaked! We also witnessed some people unfortunately tip over in their boats! (Sienna J)

My favourite thing we did on camp was going to see the penguin parade and going to Amaze ‘n’ Things as well. I really liked these because the weather was good, and it was really just the most FUN! (Gisele)

4. Camp Australia

Please click on the following link for information regarding the upcoming holiday programme.


Hello to the parents and students of St Johns, Clifton Hill!

Here at Before and After Care, so much has been happening. Our succulent garden is slowly becoming a success, with thanks to the many donations of plants that we have been receiving. A massive thank you to the family of Gus Manners, Angel Axiotis and Charlotte Mann for going to the effort to pick us some succulent plants. The effort is truly appreciated!

We have been teaching the students here to grow the cuttings of the succulent garden, educating them basic pruning and watering and showing them how to best nourish the plants. Our students have been so interested in watching the baby roots grow!

We have also created a new program in our OSHC called Get Fit. We encourage lots of running, star jumps, skipping, hula- hooping, throwing and lots more! Our students are being encouraged to eat healthy and get fit! Certificates will be awarded to our students for their participation in our new program.

Holidays aren’t too far away, so book into Holiday Club just down the road at Clifton Hill Primary, Gold St for school break of fun!

Please don’t hesitate to come by and speak to Rosie if you are interested in enrolling your child into before or after school care.

5. Education Advisory Committee Annual General Meeting

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