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Newsletter - Mid October 2019

1. From The Principal

Dear Families,

Welcome back to St John’s for the final term of this year. We are all looking forward to another term of learning and new insights across the school. This term is one where, while continuing to learn and grow, we are also tying things up for the year and planning for the coming year as well. Thank you to all of those families who have responded to Gina’s email about intentions for 2020, it makes our planning more accurate when we have a solid picture of people’s plans and intentions.

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

It is wonderful to be back in Australia and at St John’s after my trip to the Holy Land at the end of last term with other principals from the North Central Zone of Catholic Education Melbourne. Together we were able to visit significant places mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments, although the focus was very much on walking in the footsteps of Jesus. What was immediately apparent was the long, rich and complex history of settlement and civilisation in the region stretching back many millennia. While many of the buildings and structures that Jesus would have been familiar with have long been destroyed or buried – with many now being unearthed and rediscovered – the towns and villages of today that still bear names familiar from the bible still stand on the sites they have long occupied. As pilgrims, our group was able to travel around the Sea of Galilee and to sail on it, visiting places such as Cana, Nazareth, Tiberia, Capernaum, and Magdala, Mt Tabor and the Mount of the Beatitudes, gaining a new appreciation for the geographic closeness of these sites and being able to image Jesus, his family and disciples living and moving between them. Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives, the Kidron Valley and Bethlehem were also very special to visit, with Jerusalem in particular having many places of significance in history and in the Christian, Jewish and Islamic faiths. While Christians have undertaken pilgrimages to Jerusalem for the last 2000 years, it’s significance goes back to the time of Abraham, viewed as the father of all three faiths, and as such is an importance place of pilgrimage for Muslims the world over, not to mention that it has been at the centre of the Jewish faith since the times of the Old Testament.

2019 Art Show

Last Friday evening we held our biennial Art Show, showcasing works created by our children from Prep through to Grade 6. Each time we hold this event, I am struck by the talent that our children have, and the unique way that they express themselves spiritually and physically through their art work. Collecting pieces of art together in this way and displaying it together creates a new appreciation for the talents of the children and for the importance of art as a way of expressing so much of the human experience – especially for those children who may struggle to express themselves in other ways. My sincere thanks goes to our Visual Arts teacher, Michele Davies, for her work with the children in this space and for her efforts in curating the displays last week. Thank you to the parents who assisted with art classes and with display leading up to the night, and congratulations to all of our children for their highly commendable efforts and for sharing themselves with the rest of us in this unique way. I especially commend our Arts Captain, Reuben, and his team of enthusiastic Grade 6 classmates, for the work they put into this event and for working in partnership with Michele to deliver the event this year. Reuben in particular has put a great deal of thought and practical effort into the show this year and I thank him for all he has done.

Pre-Prep and Grade 6 Transition

Today we welcomed some of those children who will be joining us next year as our Prep class for 2020. The children, and their parents, came together at the first of the three informal playgroup sessions that we hold each year to start to become familiar with the space and with each other. We will also be holding more formal orientation mornings in November as part of this transition program from kindergarten to primary school.

At the other end of the school, our Grade 6 children have commenced their transition programs with visits from and to their new schools and some testing already underway. These visits and formal orientation sessions will continue over the term and we wish all of the children a smooth transition process.

Twilight House Sports

Our annual Twilight Sports are on again at the end of next week – Friday 25th October – from 4:00 pm until 7:00 pm. This year we return to the athletics track at the George Knott Reserve on Heidelberg Road. Mr Anthony Falcone has worked out a full program for the evening and our teachers and Parents and Friends will be appealing for parent helpers to ensure a successful event.

It is an expectation that all children will be in attendance at the Twilight Sports, if this will not be the case for a particularly pressing family reason, please let your child’s classroom teacher know before the end of this week.

We look forward to seeing as many of our parents as possible at this event as this is the reason we hold our House Sports in the evening rather than the day.

Summer Uniform

It was wonderful to note last week that the majority of our children were in correct school uniform, including black school shoes; I thank parents for their cooperation in this matter as I know it can sometimes be tricky. A reminder that school sunhats must be worn at break times and at other times when children are outside during the school day. Replacement hats are available through the uniform supplier, Academy Uniforms, or, more conveniently, from Gina in the office. Yard duty staff are enforcing the “No Hat, No Play” expectation, so please ensure that hats are at school each day. Please also remember that sports uniform is only to be worn on days when children have sport and should not be seen as an alternative to the summer uniform.

Deepest Sympathies

As a community we extend our deepest sympathies and prayerful support to the Gatt/Papadopoulos family on the recent passing of Costa’s mother, and to the Fanelli family on the recent passing of Bec’s grandmother. May perpetual light shine upon them and may they rest in peace.

Until the end of the month, respectfully,

Daniel 🙂

2. From The Parish

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3. From The P&F

Dear parents and friends,

Welcome back to our last Term for 2019. What a way to start our final term, with another very successful Art Show.

Thank you to the children under the creative guidance of Ms Michelle for giving us a lovely insight into the artistic talents of our school and well done to the Arts Captain Reuben Wilson for his leadership in the Arts. I think everyone enjoyed our “little taste of Italy” cafe and thank you to all the cheerful helpers who stepped in to help out on the night!

Term 4 is going to be a busy one but also a lot of fun as the weather improves and we can all get outside.


Term 4 P&F Events

 Mango Fundraiser: Orders due back Tuesday 29th October

We are proud to offer this healthy and affordable alternative to chocolate fundraising. Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing some delicious mango recipes for inspiration.

Please share this offer with friends, family and co-workers, only $25 for a box of delicious mangoes. Mangoes are not only delicious fresh, they can be frozen and used for smoothies, lassi’s, desserts, cakes and for the ultimate Christmas indulgence, mango daiquiri’s!

Forms went out last week. Orders are due back end of October, with the mangoes arriving early December.


Twilight Sports Carnival: Friday 25th October:

We will be selling sausages, drinks and snacks for your convenience on this evening. If you can help out selling on the night please let me know.


Halloween Lunch Order:  Thursday 31st October

Spooky biscuits are back on the menu.

P&F Annual General Meeting: Tuesday 19th November

We invite anyone interested in helping out with the P&F to come along to this meeting. We really need more people to join us on the committee, as some of our long standing committee members are nearing the end of their time with our school.

If you can’t make it but are interested in being part of the committee, please let me know, it would be great to see some new faces!!

Collingwood Children’s Farm Cake Stall: Saturday 14th December

We will need you to get your baking tins out and whip up some family favourites! Stay tuned for details.


Christmas Raffle: Drawn Monday 16th December

A raffle prize that will make sure you house is the best decorated in the street! 

End of Year BBQ: Friday 13th December

Putting your dancing shoes on for one last hurrah to celebrate making it through the school year.

Thanks again to all the people who help us to run these events and activities, we can’t do it without you!



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5. Community Noticeboard