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Newsletter - September 2018

1. From The Principal

Dear Families,

We have once again come to the end of term and have much to celebrate. Over the past two days all classes have held learning celebrations to share learning from the past term with parents and other family members. In the senior grades children employed various Thinkers Keys to process their learning and to organise and present this in creative ways. The quality and depth of learning was clearly on show in this area. In the junior grades the children chose pieces of work they were particularly proud of to share with and explain to their families, and it was a pleasure to see their pride in their achievements and the progress that has been made over the term. Congratulations to all of our children for their efforts this term and for the achievements this has led to. Thank you, also, to our very dedicated staff for all of their care and attention, and to our parent community for your engagement and interest in your children’s learning.

SES Score Review Survey

On behalf of the leadership of the school community I thank all of our parent community for their fantastic response to the recent survey enabling a review of our official Socio-Economic Status (SES) Score. As mentioned in the letter that accompanied the survey, it has long been held by the school and by Catholic Education Melbourne that our score of 115, a score shared by wealthy schools such as Geelong Grammar, was unfair and not at all a true reflection of our school communities capacity to contribute. I am very pleased to advise that we had over the 95% minimum response, thanks in part to an active phone campaign by Gina Mele and Melanie Granata. The federal education authorities will now review this data and, along with the announcement yesterday from the Federal Government about funding for Catholic and Independent schools, we will hopefully see a positive outcome for our school going into the future that will include, not just extra financial assistance but, perhaps more importantly, access to government grants that we simply do not qualify for at present. We will need to await the outcome and more practical advice that will hopefully come through next term – stay posted.

Coles Sports for Schools Program 2018

Our involvement in the Coles Sports for Schools program this year has enabled the purchase of a set of basketball singlets in our school colours and two new volley balls. It is hoped that this singlets will give our children a sense of pride when they are representing our school, whether in fun games or competition. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this effort. Mr Falcone has sent a photo of the tops below and there is another photo of some our students kitted out in them in the office foyer.

Replacement Teachers

This term we have had two replacement teachers in the school as two of our regular staff have taken periods of Long Service Leave to travel overseas for family events combined with a holiday. My thanks go to Mrs Sarah O’Hara and Mrs Linda Di Maggio who filled in for Antoniette Stasi in P/1 and Ann Nolan in 2/3N respectively. Both Sarah and Linda are regular Casual Relief Teachers in our school and it has been a pleasure to have them with us for an extended period.

CHOMPERS Dental Visit

We were once again fortunate to be able to host dental staff from North Richmond Community Health who attended the school to carry out complimentary oral health checks on teeth and gums for our children as part of their CHOMPERS Program. Their visit also included some oral health education and the provision of free packs containing dental care products. Those families who took up this opportunity will have received a report from CHOMPERS with recommendations for continued care.

District Athletics

We had 35 of our senior students from Grades 4-6 attend the Carlton District athletics on Thursday 6th September at the Coburg Athletics Track. Congratulations goes to all of those children who qualified to attend for their efforts leading up to the day and for their conduct at the venue. Thanks to Linda Molinaro, Choi Sikic and Nicole Harris for helping out on the day with the long jump – a stellar effort over a long day. Thanks also to Anthony Falcone and Hayley Dustow for their work behind the scenes and on the day and to Franca Montagna who helped with supervision. Congratulations to Reuben Wilson and Gus Manners who have progressed to the Divisional Trials stage to take place early next term.

Comedy and Auction Night

A wonderful night was had by those parents, staff and friends who attended our first ever comedy night. We had some genuinely funny comedians who managed to make us laugh with a relatively clean set of jokes and routines between them. There was an abundance of food and beverages available thanks to the hard work and dedication of our parent community, and a wide range of auction items for people to bid on prior to and during the night that were secured for us by a term of persistent volunteers and the generosity of traders both locally and from further afield. Events such as this major fundraiser are only possible due to a lot of hard work that goes on largely unseen by a team of volunteers. Thank to to the P&F Executive: Julia Manickam, Cass Quilty, Bernadette Montalto; our coordinator, Melissa McIntosh; and to the team of helpers who made the occasion such a success through sourcing donations, hampering items, cooking and serving, and/or decorating. Efforts leading up to and on the night enabled us to raise just on $10,000 which is a sensational effort. The results of this labour should be visible when everyone returns next term in the new features on our lower playground.

Memorial Garden and Passive Play Space

Funds raised by the Parents and Friends have been targeted towards the gradual improvements to our playground space that have taken place over the last couple of years. The latest of these improvements is the realisation of the Memorial Garden/Passive Play Space on the lower playground or bottom yard. This space is designed to be a sensory space unobtrusively appealing to children’s senses of sight, smell, hearing and touch, and helping them to regulate themselves in a world that is often too powerfully stimulating in unhelpful ways. The space will be physically set apart from the rest of the yard with an entry through a living arch of trees and contain a multitude of different plants, surfaces and reorganised space. The work is well and truly underway and progressing well, with an estimated time of completion in the middle of the second week of the holidays, ready for the start of Term 4.


Remember that Term 4 starts on Monday 8th October at 8:55 a.m.

I wish all of our children and staff a well-earned break and a restful and restorative holiday. If anyone is travelling at this time please be safe, this applies if you are staying at home too. I have asked the children to try to be aware of their parents and carers during the next couple of weeks and to be kind and appreciative, I hope to hear good reports on our return next term. Special good wishes to Pietro Gottoli in Year 6 who has a special opportunity to study overseas in Italy next term and who we subsequently farewelled at assembly this morning – we look forward to hearing about the adventure when he visits us in Term 1 next year.

Until next term, yours respectfully,

                                                        Daniel 🙂

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