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Newsletter - Term 1 Week 4 2020

1. From The Principal

17th February, 2020



Saturday 21st March 9-12 noon!

Come & join us!


Dear Parents & Carers,


It’s been a very community spirited week with our Welcome Picnic and our Parent Teacher Conversations. Thank you for being a part of these invaluable occasions that help us to know you and your child/ren better.


Our Newsletter

I have had some feedback regarding the shortcomings of our current school website and communication. Over time, we will be trialling different options regarding our newsletter.  We will also be seeking advice to update our school website. Today, the newsletter will be distributed via email as well as our website (as usual). Unfortunately, the website doesn’t allow me to include images, and I love to include photos of our students. Let me know which method you think works best! Or suggest some others too.


Science kicks off today

Today, we commence our specialist Science program for our senior students, with our juniors commencing next week.  

This program aims to embrace the natural curiosity of our students, through explicit scientific teaching and learning. Science helps our children learn and master key skills; such as how to pose and investigate problems, learning about how science works in the world and discover why science matters.  It provides opportunities to practise writing skills and expand vocabulary through discussion. This supports the language and literacy development of our students. 

Often, without realising it, scientific discussions enhance critical thinking skills and processes that are essential to developing deeper understanding and solving problems skills. They support our students in trying to  find meaning in their learning and make real-world connections that impact their lives. 

The research estimates that 75% of jobs will require STEM skills within the next decade. We are acting on this research to create an opportunity to instil a love of science in primary school. 

Eleanor Duckworth, author of The Having of Wonderful Ideas, writes, “Knowing the right answer requires no decisions, carries no risks and makes no demands …. Any wrong idea that is corrected carries far more depth than if one never had a wrong idea to begin with. You master the idea much more thoroughly if you have considered alternatives, tried to work it out in areas where it didn’t work, and figured out why it was that it didn’t work.”

It is our vision at St John’s, that our science program will transform into a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) program with the development of STEM skills, over time. 

Now, onto other important matters. 

Canberra here we come…

Our Yr 5/ 6 students are finalising the arrangements for their camp commencing next Tuesday. We wish them, and their teachers Ms Steph, Ms Thwaites, Ms Mel and Ms Sally, a wonderful trip to Canberra. 

Over the course of a month, we have watched as Canberra suffered terrible bush fire threats and has now received significant rainfall. Looking ahead to next week, the weather forecast is for some beautiful weather around the 30s! How lucky are we? 

Lent begins

Whilst our Year 5 & 6 students are away, we will be celebrating the commencement of the Lenten Season. This will begin with an Ash Wednesday Mass at noon, at St Joseph’s. Students will take the tram to St Joseph’s accompanied by school staff.  Permission slips out soon. We would love as many parents as possible to travel with us, so please let your classroom teacher know.

I look forward to seeing you at some of these school events, or just around in the playground for a chat.

Kind regards 

Kerrie Campagna


Merit Awards

TERM 1,  WEEK 4 – Presented on Friday at Assembly. Please join us if you can.

Year Student Reason:
P/1 Lola Higgins Growing in confidence in her learning and trying new ideas.
2/3 Anna Biar For being so enthusiastic towards her learning and for being a caring and helpful class member, especially making our new student feel welcome.
4/5J Fraser Howe For a fantastic effort in learning new addition strategies. Well done!
4/5N Clio Wallace For her fantastic effort with exploring various strategies to solve number problems.  
5/6 Klaudija Sikic For her fantastic effort in maths and being a supportive learning friend to others. Well done!
ART Kawac Kawac (4/5N)

Serena Achor (P/1)

For demonstrating good judgement, respectful behaviour and strong leadership in class. 

Keeping her focus on her art and helping other students. Thank you!

Mandarin Tom Wilkinson (4/5 N) For his positive attitude in completing the tasks during the Chinese lessons.
PE Patrick Farrell For offering kind and encouraging words to others during activities.




2. From The Parish

Download the latest newsletters from the Parish

Parish Newsletter February 15-16 2020

3. From The P&F

Dear parents and friends,


A huge thank you to all those people who braved the downpour and came out last Friday night to the Welcome Picnic. Despite our event moving indoors, everyone had a fantastic time, particularly the kids who danced to the music and generally made their own fun despite the cosy conditions.

We were pleased to see so many new faces present and it was wonderful to meet some of the new families to our school, again a huge welcome to you all and we look forward to seeing more of you all!

A big thank you also to all those who helped out on the night, it is so lovely to set up and know that you can call on people to help in whatever capacity is needed. We do have such a big hearted community, so thank you for all the offers of help through out the evening!Special thanks must go to the BBQ master Vince for braving the weather outside to BBQ the sausages and Choi for her delicious dumplings, they are always a crowd pleaser!


The P&F will be offering a sushi lunch order to students on Wednesday 4th March. Order forms will go home soon.

Also don’t forget Bakers Delight lunch orders are available every Friday. Parents can order DIRECTLY from a secure Bakers Delight website,, no forms, paperwork or coins to find! This weekly option is in addition to our usual once a term lunch orders that will be run by the P&F. We have had some feedback from parents that more frequent lunch orders would be useful. We are currently talking to Sam up about increasing the access to the Bakers Delight Lunch Orders, most probably a Monday. We will let you know when this is up and running.


We are running a Hot Cross Bun Fundraiser in the lead up to Easter. Sam from Baker Delight will donate $2 from every pack of Hot Cross Buns sold to out community and deliver them fresh to school. Hot Cross Buns now come in 4 varieties including chop chip, apple and cinnamon, fruitless and the good old fashioned, traditional. they are a great lunch box treat and also freeze really well.

We encourage you to buy a pack or 2 and support our fundraiser!

We will send some more info out to the community when the order form is ready. 

For those who follow social media there are also a couple of channels you can follow:

Instagram: @stjohnscliftonhill This is a school run instagram account.

Facebook: Parents of St. John’s Clifton Hill. This is a closed group run by P&F parents not a public page. You can request to follow.

Also remember the school website Calendar is a great go to for up to date event info. You can even sync it with your phone calendar for extra convenience.

Alternatively I can be contacted on 0407343637 or via email

Thanks in advance for your support!

Julia,  (on behalf of the P&F committee)

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