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Newsletter - Term 1 Week 5 2020

1. From The Principal

26th February, 2020


Saturday 21st March 9-12 noon!

Come & join us!

Dear Parents & Carers,


It hs been a very exciting week at St John’s. Our Year 5 & 6 students are having a great time on camp in Canberra. Today, they have visited Parliament House to view our government in action, seen the artworks at the National Capital Exhibition, participated in a mock election at the Electoral Education Centre and discovered ‘Who’s the Boss?’ at the Museum of Australian Democracy. Tonight they will enjoy a movie at the National Film and Sound Archive after dinner.  

Tomorrow they will be a part of the ‘We Will Remember’ program at the Australian War Memorial, which is always very moving, before heading to the National Gallery, Questacon and the AIS!  Before heading home on Friday, they will visit the Royal Mint as their final destination. Everyone will need a good rest after this camp!


Year 3 Reconciliation

Last week our Year 3 students participated in their Reconciliation Reflection Day with Father Martin, and their peers from St Joseph’s. Our Year 3 students have taken a moment to reflect on the day. See what they have to say at the end of the newsletter.

Our students will complete their Sacrament of Reconciliation on Tuesday 24th March at 6pm.  We keep these students in our prayers.



We celebrated the beginning of the Lenten season today, catching the tram with our students to participate in a beautiful shared Mass at St Joseph’s. We all returned with the simplest of Lenten symbols – the cross of ashes marked on our foreheads. This symbol can tell us many things and be interpreted in many ways. For me it is a reminder of the paschal mystery of the Lord; the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. 

The Season of Lent began today with Ash Wednesday and concludes on the evening of Holy Thursday with the Celebration of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. Lent is the Church’s time of preparation for the Easter mystery. We remember and celebrate the crucified and risen Christ who sends the Holy Spirit.  It is a season for purifying our lives from sin through prayer, fasting and almsgiving. 

The colour of Lent is violet, the colour associated with humility. Therefore during Lent, we make a special effort to think and put others before ourselves, without drawing attention to our actions.  Yesterday, our students enjoyed marking the onset of Lent, by making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. A huge thank you to Franca for taking her cooking show around to all classes to symbolise this tradition.

Once again, I look forward to seeing you around in the playground for a chat.

Kind regards 

Kerrie Campagna

School Fee Accounts have been sent out. ALL BOOK LEVIES ARE NOW DUE!

Thank you!


Merit Awards

Please note that there is NO ASSEMBLY this Friday. These awards, and next week’s awards will be presented on Friday 6th March. Thank you

Year Student Reason:
P/1 Serena Achor For being a friendly,  positive and enthusiastic learner. Congratulations Serena! You are amazing!
2/3 Tobie Hutchinson For always having a positive attitude and being a kind and caring classmate.
Yr 4 Ajok Biar For her positive attitude towards her work and stepping in and helping peers when needed. 
5/6 On Camp
ART Siena Sciola P/1 For a well crafted ‘clay rat’ and great support cleaning up afterwards, Thank you!
Mandarin Ava PHU (2/3) For demonstrating great listening skills during class.
PE Ajok Biar (5/6N) For demonstrating good sportspersonship during the lesson
Sci Sofia Nadalin (2/3N) For her great scientific thinking and contribution to the class discussion.


Reflecting on Reconciliation

On Friday morning the Grade 3s went to the hall and the kids from St Josephs came too. We learnt about Reconciliation and got to know each other. Father Martin gave us a piece of paper and we had to write “What Reconciliation means to me …” After we went in a circle and Father Martin wrote on the board what Reconciliation means then we watched two videos about forgiveness. Then we had some food like lamingtons, sausage rolls and party pies. By Annie

On Friday all the grade 3s and St. Joseph’s came to our school to have a special Reconciliation day. Firstly, we played a few games, then we talked about Reconciliation for a while and then we ate. We talked about the differences between mistakes, accidents and sins. Then at the end we watched a video about Reconciliation – it was fun! By Aiden

On Friday my class went to the hall to join St Joseph’s and Father Martin was there. We learnt what Reconciliation meant. We wrote it on a piece of paper and it said “What does Reconciliation mean ..”  By Sofia

On Friday St. Joseph’s came to our school to practise for Reconciliation. We played two games with Father Martin. After that we made a book about what Reconciliation means. We had lunch, I had a sausage roll, fruit and a lamington. We went outside to play and when we came in we watched two videos about Reconciliation. It was an amazing day!  By Charlotte

On Friday the grade 3s were doing Reconciliation with the other grade 3s from St. Josephs came and joined us. First we got to know the St Josephs kids names. After that we played two games. Then we talked about forgiveness and had to write what Reconciliation meant to us. Then we ate! I had party pies, fruit and biscuits. We watched two videos about forgiveness. By Anna

On Friday from 10:00 – 1:00 the grade 3s and St Joseph’s children learnt about Reconciliation. Father Martin taught us about Reconciliation. We watched a few video clips, learnt the St Joseph’s children’s names and had food. We all wrote a note about Reconciliation.   By Francesca

On Friday we were learning about Reconciliation with the St Joseph’s children. Some people were nervous and excited. I thought it was going to be boring, but it was actually fun! We did questions and a video about forgiveness and being a truthful person. We also watched “The Lost Son”. We ate party pies, sausage rolls, strawberries, oranges.   By Nhial


From our Parents & Friends…

Hello parents and friends,

The term is well and truly underway! We are finalising events for Semester One.  We are hoping to run a kids Movie Night on Friday 1st May, so keep the evening free. More details to come…


As many of you may know, the Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy Branch of the Bendigo Bank have been a generous financial supporter to our school over the last few years. The community grants program has been a welcome supplement to our amazing school fundraising efforts, and together we have been able to complete our beautiful sensory garden. This has made such a difference to our outdoor play spaces and our children are enjoying the benefits of this lovely garden. Chips anyone?!

In December, we received a “Sunsmart Play Spaces” grant so that the shade sails over the various levels of the playground could be upgraded and added to. This is in the process of being finalised, with existing shade replacing the damaged ones and new shade sail to be erected over the sandpit area. We extend a huge thank you to Lee Chia (Community Liaison Officer) and all the team at the Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy Community Bank branch for their generosity. 


The very popular Easter raffle will be on again this year. Raffle tickets will go home soon in a couple of weeks. Miss Melanie will be organising collection tubs for donations in each classroom. We would love every to get involved by donating Easter related items to go into the Easter Hampers. It doesn’t just have to be chocolate and Easter eggs (although these are obviously wonderful), if you have any other creative Easter ideas and crafts, we would gratefully accept them. Thank you for your support


Lunch order forms have been sent home (and emailed in case the paper form didn’t make it home). Lunch order day is Wednesday 4th March. Don’t forget to get your orders back by Monday 7th March. Late orders make it difficult for the volunteers organising, so please remember to get your order in on time.


Bakers Delight lunch orders are now available every Monday and Friday.

Bakers Delight lunch orders are now available every Monday and Friday. Parents can order DIRECTLY from a secure Bakers Delight website, no forms, paperwork or coins to find! This twice weekly option is in addition to our usual once a term lunch orders that will be run by the P&F.


We are running a Hot Cross Bun Fundraiser in the lead up to Easter. Sam from Baker Delight will donate $2 from every pack of Hot Cross Buns sold to out community and deliver them fresh to school. Hot Cross Buns now come in 4 varieties including chop chip, apple and cinnamon, fruitless and the good old fashioned, traditional. they are a great lunch box treat and also freeze really well. 

We encourage you to buy a pack or 2 and support our fundraiser!

Also remember the school website Calendar is a great go to for up to date event info. You can even sync it with your phone calendar for extra convenience.

Alternatively I can be contacted on 0407343637 or via email

Thanks in advance for your support!

Julia,  (on behalf of the P&F committee)