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Our Community

St John's Primary School Clifton Hill

St John’s School thrives on parents as partners in their child’s education. Parents are the first educators of their children and their ongoing engagement with their children’s learning is vital to their success. An ongoing partnership between the school and parents ensures that the values taught, and the high expectations set, have the most beneficial impact on children’s wellbeing and learning outcomes.


Family involvement and positive relationships between the school and families are essential to the success of our school. We believe that parents have a special place in the community. Children learn from both parents and teachers, but it is parents who have the long term responsibility for their child’s welfare. Children benefit if parents and teachers are able to work in partnership, and if they see their parents involved in the life of the school and in their education. 


Values and Beliefs

At St John’s School we believe that:

  • Parents, teachers and children should strive to live Gospel values such as integrity, trust and respect for each other

  • Parents and teachers work together for the educational benefit of each child

  • All parents should be encouraged to be active members of the school community

  • Parents, teachers and children work together to form a caring community in which everyone feels welcomed and included

  • Successful school partnerships depend on open and honest communication; everyone in our school community has a voice and will be listened to with respect



Opportunities to be involved include:

  • Participation at School and Class Masses, and Sacramental preparation and celebrations

  • Classroom helpers: e.g. literacy and numeracy assistance, guest speakers, excursions

  • Working Bee, P&F, Education Advisory Committee, special curriculum days, social events

  • Attend Family Curriculum Evenings, Information Nights, and Parent Teacher Meetings

  • Complete questionnaires and surveys to inform school practice

  • Making suggestions and sharing ideas with parent representative groupsSupporting learning at home: e.g. homework and home reading, engaging with the school newsletter and supporting school community events.


Parents & Friends Association

Our Parents & Friends Committee continues to carry the honour and responsibility of servant leadership in our school – serving the community by taking on special roles and making special commitments, such as:

  • Social events including our Welcome Picnic at the beginning of each school year;

  • Fundraising efforts like our Easter & Christmas Raffles, Mango & Hot Cross Bun Drives which have helped to maintain and upgrade playground facilities, and

  • School lunches weekly in conjunction with Baker’s Delight, together with a ‘themed’ provided lunch for all students each term.


The PFA consists of:

  • All parents of children attending St. John’s

  • School staff

  • Members of the Parish who have an interest in the wellbeing of the school e.g. students and their families



The Role of the PFA includes:

  • Fostering a distinctive welcoming environment in the school

  • Promoting the school’s Vision in all possible ways

  • Developing maximum cooperation between parents and staff

  • Assisting with the development of social activities for the school community

  • Raising money for resources such as applying for community grants

  • Supporting families within our community in times of need.


Educational Advisory Committee

The St. Johns Educational Advisory Committee (EAC) is guided and inspired by the teachings of Christ. Through service and leadership we provide support, informed advice and promote parish community involvement for St. John’s Primary School.

Its central purpose is the provision of support to the parish priest, principal and staff of the school in realising the vision of St. John’s Primary School, Clifton Hill. This includes:

  • Ensure good governance of the school through shared wisdom

  • Encourage lay ministry and community leadership

  • Build and sustain relationships and partnerships

  • Serve the entire school community

  • Create futures and to consider the long term goals

  • Seek to provide an optimum learning environment for all students.


Parents Helpers

Our junior school classrooms are richer in the presence of our parents. We welcome you to our school and into our classrooms as additional support for all the students.


To support our learning, you will be asked to complete a Parent Helper session at the beginning of the year to support you in understanding the role of being a classroom helper.  You are also required to have an up-to-date Working With Children check, as a volunteer. This can be acquired online and must be completed before you are able to help onsite.


We thank you for your contribution to supporting the learning of every child.



Through Mercy Connect we are fortunate to welcome volunteers to work with our students, under the guidance of our teachers. Many of these volunteers are past teachers and bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge around supporting students in their literacy and numeracy learning.


Be Involved

We invite our community to get involved with the activities at St John's Primary School. Come along and be a part of:

  • Mother’s Day stall 

  • Fete

  • Canteen

  • Uniform Shop

  • Fundraising

  • Raffles

  • Excursion/Incursion

  • Guest Speakers

  • Reading/Classroom Helpers

  • Parent Information Nights

  • Social Events for Parents

  • Graduation

  • Interschool Sport

  • Twilight Sports

  • Sacramental Workshop Nights

  • Sacraments

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