Our School

St John's Primary School Clifton Hill

St John’s Primary School strives to create a unique, post COVID educational experience for our students and families, that is loving, healing, gentle and robust.


Learning at St John's is strongly grounded in our knowledge, understanding and research around what our students needs are. After 2 years or disconnected learning our educational experiences for our students are purposeful and relevant and fun! 

The wellbeing and nurture of our students is our key focus and we place significant emphasis on their Social & Emotional Learning, practising and strengthening the real life skills of working with others and navigating the world.


We deeply value to importance of genuine working partnerships with our parents in building strong, open relationships that enrich our students learning. You can see us all on Queens Parade at the end of each school day, chatting with families and sharing information about the day's learning.


Imagine a school where you could speak to your child's teacher every day! That is what we have at St John's.


Our staff are deeply dedicated to teaching and displayed a uniqueness in their approachability and availability during remote learning over the past 2 years. By consciously choosing small classes, we ensure that every child has the opportunity to work 1-1 or in small focus groups, EVERY day. Our students have unlimited opportunities to share, to be heard, to lead, to present, to know and to be known.

Learning is going beyond surface issues, understanding our own and other people’s strengths and limitations, and creating learning opportunities to transcend these.  Education is about the whole child: academic, spiritual, social and emotional and physical. Without one, the whole child will not attain their full potential.

Our school community is richer for our increasing diversity of cultures and faith. We welcome families from all corners of the globe proudly coming together at St John’s.

Our Vision

We are preparing the way

as a learning and faith community by

celebrating our catholic identity

by setting high standards,

honouring the dignity of all and

supporting diversity.

We are preparing the way

so that all can succeed and embrace the fullness of life


At St John's School, we are preparing the way. 


School Prayer

God of Wonder,

Grant us your guidance and blessing

As we carry on the work of our founders, 

The sisters of charity.

Thanks for our history

And we look forward 

To continuing the tradition.


Open our eyes to the needs of the world around us

So that we can truly become leaders

In  the world, today and tomorrow.


Help us to learn and grow and to love your son, Jesus.



Meet the St John's Team

Kerrie Campagna .jpeg

Kerrie Campagna


Gina Mele (office).jpg

Gina Mele

Office Administration

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

Antoinette Stasi - teacher.jpg

Antoinette Stasi 

Deputy Principal, Classroom Teacher, Learning & Teaching Leader, Literacy Leader and Numeracy Team Leader

Ann Nolan (teacher).jpg

Ann Nolan

Deputy Principal, 

Classroom Teacher and Wellbeing Leader


Ellen Stockton

Office Administration


Narelle Taylor (teacher).jpg

Narelle Taylor

Classroom Teacher, Religious Education Leader and  Numeracy Team Leader

Jess Thwaites (teacher).jpg

Jess Thwaites Classroom Teacher and Art Teacher


Violet Holcombe

Classroom Teacher, Learning Diversity Leader and Numeracy Team Leader


Patrick McVeigh

Classroom Teacher


Maria Ruberto

Classsroom Teacher


Carlie Dowley

Classroom Teacher and Digi Tech Leader


Melanie Granata

Classroom Teacher and Lit Squad Leader

Bart .JPG

Bart Scarfo

Physical Education and Classroom Teacher

Mona 1_edited.jpg

Mona Harsan

French Teacher

Franca Montagna (ed support).jpg

Franca Montagna

Learning Support Officer

Sally Barket (ed support).jpg

Sally Barker

Learning Support Officer


Karen Stubbs

Learning Support Officer

Lisa Booth_edited.jpg

Lisa Booth

Learning Support Officer


Lisa Gau

Learning Support Officer

Anna Eland alt_edited.jpg

Anna Eland

Playgroup Teacher


Victoria Armao

Provisional Psychologist


Marie Norden



Jennifer Gan

Library Technician

Our History

St John’s Primary School is over 130 years old and continues to provide educational excellence in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity, our founding and guiding principles.  The charism of the Sisters of Charity is their motto “The Love of Christ Urges Us On”.  At St John’s, we believe that we encounter Christ in all those we meet. As a result, we pride ourselves on being a welcoming, inclusive and diverse community concerned for the wellbeing of others. We enjoy a long tradition of being family and community centred.