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Below are some of the more frequently asked questions that we receive. If your child is starting Prep, please visit our New Parent FAQs page in the Enrolment section of this website. Please contact the school if you have any further unanswered questions.

What is St John's Bullying Policy? »

Please read the St John’s Behaviour Management Policy and Bullying Statement for more information on the school’s approach to behaviour management.

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How do I email a staff member? »

To contact staff by email, please use the communication link on the Contact page.

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How are class structures or composite classes decided? »

Each year the class structures at St John’s are reviewed, with an emphasis on best meeting the needs of all our children. Options are discussed that take into account the enrolled numbers in each year level and the educational and social needs of the children.

A number of options are considered by staff, who then choose the one that best meets the goal of providing reasonable class sizes at each level and meeting individual needs across the school.

As the class structure changes, so do the classes to which children are allocated. In deciding which students will be allocated to a particular class, teachers consider the academic, social and emotional needs of individual children, friendship groups based on indications given by children, parental concerns, teachers and groupings that have been previously used. The aim is to have classes that are fair in respect to abilities, social needs and class size.

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What are the school fees? »

For a list of school fees, please refer to 2016 Fees & Levies.

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What is the school timetable? »

The school timetable is based on the following daily schedule:

Bell to Begin: 8.55am

Morning Recess: 11-11.40am

Lunch Eating Time: 1.10-1.20pm

Lunch Recess: 1.20-2.00pm

Dismissal: 3.30pm

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Is St John's affiliated with any secondary schools? »

St John’s is a feeder school for the Academy of Mary Immaculate, Fitzroy, and Santa Maria College, Northcote (for our girls); and Parade College, Bundoora, and Simonds College, West Melbourne and Fitzroy North (for our boys).

State Government secondary school eligibility is largely dependent on residential address. Fitzroy, Northcote, Princes Hill and Collingwood are among the possible secondary level options for St John’s students. Parents can contact individual schools for information on school zones.

Our Year 6 students have been welcomed at a number of secondary schools, both Catholic and state. Any questions in this area should be addressed to the principal.

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